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Beyond Wrestling and St. Louis Anarchy: Double Trouble Review

Featuring: ACH, Johnny Gargano, Eric Corvis, Jonny Mangue, Chase Brunett, Zane Silver, Matthew Justice, The Pitboss, The Hate Junkies, dany only, Strknyn, Arik Canon, Darin Corbin, Christian Rose, The Submission Squad, Evan Gelistico, Gary Jay, Pierre Abernathy, Dale Patricks, Remi Wilkins, Heidi Lovelace, Nate Stone, Reed Bentley, Tripp Cassidy, Davey Vega, Eric Ryan, The Kentucky Buffet, Alex Castle, Matt Cage, The Hooligans, Devin Cutter, Mason Cutter, Mark Angel, Drew Gulak, Aaron Epic, Pinkie Sanchez, Sugar Dunkerton, The Slaughterhouse, KJ Crush, Maserati Rick, Tony Banks, Rickey Shane Page, Dan Walsh, Johnny Cockstrong, RD Evans

Available on DVD for $12 hereMP4 for $12 here, VOD for $10 here.

Photos Courtesy Wayne Palmer 

On the day that their purchase of Women Superstars Uncensored was confirmed, Beyond Wrestling ventured to Absolute Intense Wrestling’s stomping ground, Turners Hall in Cleveland, in Ohio. But instead of AIW, they had a different dancing partner, in the form of St. Louis Anarchy. The mid-west cousins of Austin’s ACW had perhaps their biggest platform yet for this show. Did Beyond and SLA dare to try and one up AIW on their home turf? Indeed, they dared.

1. Eric Corvis [+11], Jonny Mangue [+2] & Team Beyond (Chase Burnett [-7] & Zane Silver [-3]) vs. Matthew Justice [-1], The Pitboss [+7] & The Hate Junkies (dany only [+4] & Stryknyn [+2]) – Team Beyond versus Team Kill Everyone In Beyond, essentially. Pitboss is facing his former Doom Patrol stablemate, Jonny Mangue, with some new, more like-minded partners in Justice and The Hate Junkies. Prior to this Mangue had helped Pitboss and Chris Dickinson make life hell for Corvis, Brunett, and Silver, but the “Smooth Savage” changed his ways this year and worked with his former rivals.

The match started with a big brawl that spilled to the outside very quick. Team Beyond got the early advantage, but the storm was weathered, and dany only puts his team in control. The “Shitboss”… sorry, Pitboss (only reporting what was chanted) continued to work over Zane Silver, but after a few minutes, Silver made the tag to Eric Corvis. After losing the advantage, the wrestlers at ringside got Corvis back in it by singing the Rocky theme.

Later on Mathew Justice, Pitboss and the Hate Junkies found themselves stacked up together, when Zane Silver dropkicked off the top rope onto all of them in a unique moment. dany only then created another one by suplexing Burnett into a DDT on his own partner Silver. After another melee, Justice caught Corvis with a low blow, and hit two DVDs into the corner on him for the win. A good opening contest, a bit crazy in places, but it had a nice flow. Johnny Cockstrong noted on commentary that The Beasts had a 200lb combined advantage on their opponents, and it ultimately told.

2. Arik Cannon [0], Darin Corbin [0] & Christian Rose [0] vs. The Submission Squad (Evan Gelistico [0], Gary Jay [-2] & Pierre Abernathy [-1]) – Cannon’s team came out to B.o.B, which Rose noted was not the song they originally intended to come out to. The Submission Squad were looking for a great performance here, with two of the members on losing records going in.

Things were off to a rough start for the Squad when even the referee found himself bodyslamming Gary Jay. As this is a St. Louis Anarchy match, and therefore competed under Anarchy Rules, the match continued. Then there was gigantic showdown between “Big Daddy” Pierre Abernathy and “Ginger Madness” Darin Corbin, and then there was the the usual slo-mo sequence (which Robert Evans, on commentary, followed suit in slo-mo calling). The Squad then took control and Evan “Kick the World” Gelistico pretty much took Christian “Born to Hurt” Rose’s face off. Appropriate. Arik Cannon (the Dastardly Urban Fiend as Evans put it) put down his PBR long enough to come in and run riot all over the Submission Squad. Things then went bonzo gonzo, and Jay used a break in the confusion to pull Cannon’s tights for the pin, and earning a huge win for the Submission Squad.

3. School Of Roc Tag Team Sole Survivor Elimination Match: Dale Patricks [0], Remi Wilkins [0] & Heidi Lovelace [0] vs. Nate Stone [0], Reed Bentley [0] & Tripp Cassidy [0] – Availible in its entirety above, this was a sole survivor elimination match: once a team is completely eliminated, the remaining members of the other team must wrestle each other until there is one winner. A sort of mini Cibernetico. Continue reading

Beyond Wrestling: About Time DVD Review

Beyond Wrestling – “About Time”

July 23rd, 2011
Heirloom Arts Theatre – Danbury, CT
Availible on LookMaNoFans.com for $9-$12.

  1. Super Smash Bros. (Player Uno & Player Dos) vs. Aeroform (Flip Kendrick & Louis Lyndon)
  2. Leon St. Giovanni w/ vs. “The Juice” JT Dunn
  3. Aaron Epic vs. Amber
  4. Academy of Anatomy (Nick Talent & Mark Angel) vs. Team TREMENDOUS (Dan Barry & Ken Scampi) vs. D.U.I. (Anthony Stone & William Thorne) vs. Connecticut Superstars (Dave Cole & J-Busta)
  5. RD Evans vs. Jarek 1:20
  6. Throwbacks (Sugar Dunkerton & Dasher Hatfield) vs. Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous (Darius Carter & TJ Marconi)
  7. Cockstrong Carnival – Participants Include: Cecil Nyx, Tuck Hanson, GLAAD Badd, Veda Scott, Stan Styles, Addy Star, Steve “Turtle” Weiner, Josh Thor, Fredo Majors
  8. Mat Fitchett vs. Jonny Mangue
  9. Team Cockstrong (Johnny Cockstrong, Corvis Fear, Chase Burnett, Zane Silver) vs. The Submission Squad (Davey Vega, Gary Jay, Pierre Abernathy, Evan Gelistico)

It was only a matter of time. Beyond Wrestling’s post-modernist, no-fans-in-the-audience, wrestling-by-wrestlers-for-wrestlers philosophy created so much buzz that, ironically, a growing number of fans wanted a chance to experience a show live. There was some question as to whether Beyond’s specific formula could be brought to the public in a genuine way. After all, the raucous crowd made up entirely of other wrestlers was part of what made Beyond unique. Likewise, the contrast between HD visuals with the underground, “Fight Club” style environment was something that would be difficult to capture in a traditional venue. Beyond also had a number of concepts, characters, and traditions that an uninitiated fan would have a hard time sorting through live. Some feared the aspects that made Beyond stand out would need to be changed or minimized in order to make a successful transition from its private enclosed gyms to an open public theatre.

However, any such fears were allayed roughly 15 seconds after the cameras started to roll. Flip Kendrick and Louis Lyndon, Aeroform, made their way to the ring and are given a typical Beyond greeting by wrestlers around ringside. You see Corvis Fear, Pinkie Sanchez, and TJ Marconi singing, dancing, and Houston hopping to Lil Flip’s “Game Over” as the high-flying brothers entered. As stated on commentary, this show was done to bring the two communities, Beyond fans and Beyond wrestlers, together. So the Beyond locker room was ringside behaving as ridiculously as it would be at any other Beyond taping. The only difference this time was that fans were lucky enough to be in the mix dancing, chanting, catching diving wrestlers etc., all right along with the Beyond roster. In order to ensure home viewers got a similarly engaging experience,  Beyond eschewed the traditional hard camera and only used two HD handhelds. This succeeded in capturing the personal feel of earlier Beyond DVDs in the new, larger venue.

With the atmosphere settled, the card itself retained authenticity as well as it was filled with a number of “Only in Beyond” matchups. Two tag team bouts, Aeroform versus The Super Smash Brothers and CHIKARA’s Throwbacks versus Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous highlighted this. Each team looked good, but it was the lesser known team of Marconi and Carter that stood out, showing star potential with both their wrestling ability and charisma (no easy feat when across from someone like Sugar Dunkerton).

Fresh faces JT Dunn and Leon St. Giovanni had a solid, smooth bout. Giovanni looked like a natural, which his manager, talker extraordinaire Jon Harder, made sure to let everyone know. ACW’s Young Lion Mat Fitchett faced Beyond’s home-grown super athlete Jonny Mangue. Both demonstrated why they’ve garnered so much confidence from the promotions that are grooming them to be the next big things.

The Four Team tag match was, expectedly, insane. At one point it looked like someone had emptied a dump truck filled with sweaty, unconscious wrestlers onto the floor of the Danbury Heirloom Arts Theatre. In a similar vein, the “Cockstrong Carnival” was entertaining from beginning to end. The purpose was to showcase wrestlers who, like its namesake Johnny Cockstrong, liked to have a bit of fun while they’re wrestling. It was generally a good, fun time…until Inter-Species Wrestling’s cute and cuddly psychopath Addy Star showed up. She stole the show with a brief but impactful appearance, delivering the sickest Sliding D this side of Masato Tanaka to Stan Styles (after Cock-slamming, suplexing, and force-feeding him). It was an unforgettable moment, as was Josh Thor decapitating poor Steve Weiner, the crowd chanting for GLAAD Badd to do something terrible to Veda Scott, and Thor slugging it out with the decidedly un-fun Fredo Majors. Good stuff all around.

The Match of the Night battle is a three-way between ACW/ROH/CHIKARA/Everywhere standout RD Evans taking on Beyond’s Man of Illusion Jarek 1:20, an inter-gender brawl between WSU’s Amber and Aaron “Kanye” Epic, and a Captain’s Fall Elimination match between ACW’s Submission Squad and Team Cockstrong.

RD Evans did what he always does. He disarmed everyone with his humor and wacked charm, before blowing them away with his skill and frightening intensity.  Jarek comes from much the same mold, and matching these two up was genius. Evans has already conquered much of the United States 2011. Here’s hoping Jarek brings his one-of-a-kind style to more fans in the 2012.

Beyond is known for its hard-hitting intergender matches and the brawl between “The Encore” Aaron Epic and Amber may have been the most brutal yet. You can probably blame Dunkerton who started a “Whoop dat trick!” chant as things got under way. Amber gave the crowd what they wanted and immediately cracked Aaron with a vicious elbow strike, and then another.  Epic recovered and countered with an elbow of his own and a kick right to Amber’s grill. Things just got madder from there.

Amber is one of the more imposing women on the scene and she had no trouble throwing Epic, in between back chopping him or trying to kick his teeth out. Epic’s known for his knockout power and he needed every bit of it in this phenomenal battle. I’ve always enjoyed Amber’s work, but this was the best she’s ever been. The crowd, fans and wrestlers alike, helped make the match as they were hot for it from beginning to end. This was another case where Beyond tried something different and it paid off ten-fold.

The main event saw Beyond’s heroes Justice League, Cockstrong, Fear, Novak, Burnett, and Silver take on of its top villain, Davey Vega, and his Secret Society of Super-Villains, The Submission Squad. It was a Captain’s Fall 8 Man Tag Team Match, as Vega and Cockstrong are in a heated race to be points Champion in Beyond. A potentially infinite number of pinfals, therefore points, could be scored until either of the team captains was pinned. Early on Vega’s crew, looking more like the Suicide Squad, gave up a number of falls until Vega stepped in and things really got going.

Earning his @StiffRoboGinger Twitter handle, Gary Jay laid into his opponents whenever Vega wasn’t beheading them with discus lariats. Cockstrong, as always, courageously used his incurable case of priapism1 to his advantage. Novak busted out his Super Ultra Combo of Destruction. Vega somehow managed to survive having his finisher stolen and done to him on the top turnbuckle, and so on. Everyone was on point, except the dead tired ref who was forced to keep up with all of it.

There’s no need to spoil the end of this epic clash of super teams, but it does have a shocking twist that ACW followers especially will want to see.

As usual, all the action on the show can be viewed with or without commentary. While Denver Colorado is informative as always, you should definitely try the live audio option at least once. It, coupled with the lack of hard camera, delivers an extremely visceral experience. You’ll feel like you were at the show, minus having to deal with the triple digit temperature.

Altogether, About Time featured 9 matches with 41 wrestlers. The quantity was much less important than the variety. Here was a cross-cut of the current crop of young talent wrestling in the US. The diverse mix lead to lots of good matches, and three really good ones. However the show overall felt better, and more important, than even the sum of its parts. About Time came across a lot like the early days of Ring of Honor. The time when you would see unknown young wrestlers from across the country come together to put on groundbreaking events that redefined wrestling for a generation. There’s even a group of guys from a Texas promotion trying to steal stealing the spotlight like TWA’s Danielson, Spanky, and London used to2. Beyond invited this favorable comparison even more with its second live taping, Back in Flesh,  where Davey Richards and Johnny Gargano faced Jonny Mangue in a Round Robin Challenge.

Yes, big things are happening for this small, but rapidly growing company. This show brought Beyond to a new environment but everything that made the promotion intriguing and unique remained. We recommend this DVD to all wrestling fans (Amber lovers and ACW Fanarchists especially should give it a look). But you don’t have to take our word for it. Beyond has provided tons of media from this event to preview. Below is a playlist of clips from several of the matches. Enjoy!


DDS was provided with a review copy of this release. It is available for purchase at LookMaNoFans.com for $12.

  1. Priapism is a potentially harmful and painful medical condition in which the erect penis or clitoris does not return to its flaccid state, despite the absence of both physical and psychological stimulation.
  2. Of course The Submission Squad and Mat Fitchett are based in St. Louis and RD Evans has moved to the East Coast, but Anarchy defies geography.

Beyond Wrestling and AIW: Back in Flesh/They Live Video Preview

Experimental wrestling promotion, Beyond Wrestling — whose driving concept is “wrestlers wrestling for wrestlers” — is coming to Cleveland this weekend with the Back in Flesh, second live fan-attended event.

The main attraction which everyone is, or should be, talking about is a Round Robin challenge of three matches: “The Whole Shebang” Johnny Gargano vs. Jonny Mangue, Jonny Mangue vs. “The American Wolf” Davey Richards, and Davey Richards vs. “The Cat’s Pajamas” Johnny Gargano.

Yes, Davey Richards vs. Johnny Gargano! This whole thing started because Davey, along with teammates Tony Kozina and Kyle O’Reilly, issued an open challenge to the entire Beyond roster. Johnny Gargano readily accepted even though he’s not actually, technically, in said roster. But he’s the King of Cleveland and Back in Flesh is in Cleveland, so close enough, right?

Not for Jonny Mangue[1. See Johnny Mangue petition to face Davey Richards here.], proper Beyond Wrestling roster member. He did not appreciate Gargano accepting a challenge posed specifically to the Beyond crew so, in order to make everyone happy and give everyone an equal go at Davey Richards, it is now a Round Robin Challenge.

Note that as ROH Champion, Richards brings a bit of history to the Round Robin Challenge concept. One of Ring of Honor’s earliest breakout shows involved future champs Low Ki and Bryan Danielson, with future TV Champ Christopher Daniels, having three alternating matches against one another on the same night. By participating in this signature ROH event, but in a hostile, non-ROH environment against two of the best from outside promotions, Richards has an opportunity to jump start his legacy as champion. Likewise, Mangue and Gargano have an opportunity to say that they’ve beaten the “Best in the World” at what should be his own game.

Now that we’ve got that all sorted out, let me give you a few videos as a preview of the upcoming action:

Davey Richards

Oh, who are we kidding? You know what to expect from Davey Richards. Current ROH World Heavyweight Champ? Did you order that match between him and Eddie Edwards at Best in the World back in June? Or the one between him and Roderick Strong back at Final Battle 2010? It was one of the best matches I have ever seen.

In case you do need a visual, here is a highlight video from Davey’s match with Eddie Edwards for the Television Championship back in June of last year in Ring of Honor:

Not that watching a match with Davey and Eddie in any capacity is really a hardship, but here’s a newer match Davey’s most recent tour in New Japan. There he has maintained his No Remorse Corps partnership with Rocky Romero, and they join Masato Tanaka in taking on MVP, Taguchi, and Tiger Mask in a 6 man tag:

Continue reading

Review: Beyond Wrestling – All Dude Review and High Five Academy

Featuring: Corvis Fear, Chris Dickinson, Chris Dickinson, Hailey Hatred, Christian Faith, Vincent Nothing, Jonny Mangue, Sean Maluta, Chase Burnett, Zane Silver, Eric Ryan, Bobby Beverly, Louis Lyndon, Flip Kendrick, Luis Diamante, Joey The Snake, Denver Colorado

DVD available from SmartMarkVideo.com – $15.00

One of the benefits of being a forward looking company is that even your older material can appear timely and relevant. That is the case with Beyond Wrestling‘s latest release, a double disc set of All Dude Review and High Five Academy. Taped over a year and a half ago, the DVD features several matches that were not only good, but significant to the history of Beyond and precursors to some trends seen throughout today.

Although the company has begun producing traditional live wrestling events, Beyond’s initial concept was to present a show by wrestlers for wrestlers. There were no fans in the audience and grapplers fought how they wanted for as long as they wanted. Wrestlers were given full creative freedom to express themselves in the ring, to be judged only by their peers in attendance. This lead to some great performances, but left the company light on narratives. That changed with these tapings. Here we see exactly what began the Clark Kent/Lex Luthor-like eternal, company consuming feud between Chris Dickinson and Corvis Fear. It is essential viewing for Beyond fans, but what makes this release relevant on a wrestling wide scale though, are the three matches with Hailey Hatred.

Since these shows occurred, Hailey has ascended to the top of the Joshi Puroresu scene. She’s captured numerous titles, most notably the JWP Open-Weight Championship, the most prestigious women’s title in Japan. Seeing a Japanese star in a still growing US promotion is pretty interesting in its own right, but the matches themselves were spectacular. Hailey appears in three bouts: against Chris Dickinson, Louis Lyndon and Corvis Fear. Yes, all men and including the two top guys in Beyond. In the past year companies like RCW, ACW, and CHIKARA in the US, as well as companies like SMASH and FREEDOMS in Japan, have put on big matches featuring some of the top women in the country against their top male athletes. Beyond Wrestling got in on the ground floor of  this movement, with some of the grittiest inter-gender matches you’ll see.

Hailey Hatred vs Chris Dickinson is the first match on All Dude Review, and the best bout on either show. It was brilliant to put Hailey and Dickinson against one another. Dickinson is a hard-hitting, hard-kicking, hard-chopping no-nonsense striker. Hailey was the first woman in Beyond, and she prides herself on being a pretty big badass as well (in fact she outsized Dickinson). There was a lot of tension at the start of this match. Some of the wrestlers surrounding ringside weren’t very fond of Hailey and, frankly, wanted to see Dickinson kick the shit out of her. In the early going both focused on mat wrestling and Dickinson actually held back on delivering strikes. This was met with taunts from the crowd, and Hailey who wanted to be treated like any other wrestler. That’s when things got nuts.

Dickinson “snapped” and wailed on Hailey with sick chops and kicks, causing the crowd of wrestlers to leave their seats, screaming and pounding on the mat. Hailey was no pushover though. She took everything Dickinson had and gave it back to him in the form of her signature head-kicks and brain scrambling suplexes. The match seemed to just get more brutal over time, with Hailey’s Cut Throat Backdrop driver being answered with a deadlift Lyger Bomb. The reactions of the audience made what happened in the ring seem even more insane. While gender was a factor going on, eventually the match turned into just two brutal wrestlers giving their all against one another. It was fantastic. You will rarely ever see a match like this anywhere, and it alone is probably worth the price of the DVD.

Besides unique match ups like Hailey and Dickinson, Beyond also gives opportunities for a lot of younger wrestlers to perform without the pressure of a live wrestling crowd or limitations on their matches. At times, this environment drives them them to put on matches well avove their experience level. We have an example of that in the Team Beyond (Chase Burnett and Zane Silver) vs Young Studs (Eric Ryan and Bobby Beverly) tag match from All Dude Review. While the Young Studs were the then AIW champions, Chase and Zane were two relative unknowns put together because of the potential seen in their early Beyond appearances. The match was an exciting, innovative, fast paced bout. It comes across as all the more fresh since even dedicated US wrestling fans probably have not seen a lot from any of these wrestlers. It is a testament to the effectiveness of the Beyond formula that with less experienced athletes, you still see matches that meet the standards set by all-star companies.

Another great match was Chris Dickinson against his childhood best friend Johnny Mangue. As Dickinson puts it, these guys have been wrestling since they were nine, and it shows. The match is fluid, but gritty, and just drags you in as it goes along. It starts off pure wrestling, then breaks down with Mangue getting sent into a guardrail, before diving over a huge wooden desk and burying Dickinson under it (for some reason a framed autographed picture of Kevin Nash came into play).  While Dickinson is a breakout star in the making, Mangue showed that he has just as much raw potential here. Great showing!

High Five Academy featured an eight man tournament, as that was about the number of wrestlers who were able to brave the blizzard that day and make it to the show. Those wrestlers included Flip Kendrick and Louis Lyndon, so it wasn’t all bad. The tournament format also aided in building towards the first Corvis Fear and Chris Dickinson encounter, which closed out the show.

Again, Hailey Hatred found herself in the opening match. This time against Saturday-afternoon-movie-kung-fu specialist Louis Lyndon. We’re informed on commentary that this match had the most single day hits on youtube for Beyond, a demonstration of the novelty of a serious inter-gender match between two quality wrestlers. It was also just really good. Lyndon’s Wu Tang Fu plus Hailey in lucha mode produced several rewind worthy moments. Again, Hailey defied the gender stereotype with her strength, at one point catching Lyndon coming off the ropes in mid-air and bringing him down with a Northern Lights Suplex. Beastly!

Corvis Fear’s match with Lyndon’s tag partner, Flip Kendrick, was equally impressive. Corvis is one of the most innovative people wrestling today. He comes up with things no one’s ever done before, only to use them once. Of course, Flip can fly with the best of them and has top tier athletic ability. The two complemented each other extremely well. Later, Corvis faced Hailey and it nearly matched the Dickinson bout.

Corvis, in a bout of temporary insanity, began the match by copping a feel and stealing a kiss from Hailey, and was then promptly dropped on his head for the trangression. If that wasn’t enough to get him to respect her, Hailey dropping a senton on his head surely was. Frankly, Hailey brutalized Corvis for much of the match and he had to dig deep in order to get the win. Corvis being one of the faces of Beyond being pushed to the limit by Hailey was great to see. At no point in this, or any, of her matches was her gender a detriment or distraction. With female wrestlers as strong as Hailey, Sara Del Rey, Cheerleader Melissa, and Rachel Summerlyn, it’s no wonder more and more companies are using them in high profile roles like this. Beyond’s forward thinking on this is commendable.

Eric Ryan vs Chris Dickinson was another methodical performance by the “Dickster.” Ryan’s sleaze-rocker demeanor belies a confident and capable foil for Dickinson. Again we see Dickinson snap and actually bring a chair into the ring, before being stopped by ref Dave Dawson (pre-sparkly shirt). The match was technically sound with Dickinson focusing on the arm the entire time, even with his strikes. It ended with a slick submission finish, and nods to yet another member of the Wolfpack.

The tournament finals finally brought Corvis Fear and Chris Dickinson together. The match was good purely from a wrestling aspect, but what makes it such a significant part of Beyond history was the ending. Dickinson and Corvis walked into this match as friends and traveling buddies, but walked out the most bitter of enemies. It began as you’d expect with Dickinson focusing on strikes and holds and Corvis using crazy moves that may or may not have come from Tekken. At the end though, Dickinson crosses the line from a guy with a few anger issues to someone truly despicable. He fakes an injury to lure Corvis in, and takes advantage to steal the win and the tournament. Understand, this marked a sea change for the company: Beyond went from a place where everyone was there for the wrestling and competition for it’s own sake, to a place where some simply put winning above everything else. It was a really cool moment that was built up over both shows, and it was a key change that helped clarify the direction of the company.

There’s several this shows worth seeing, and the audio options provide incentive to watch them more than once. First there’s the well done one-man-booth commentary of Denver Colorado (the man, not the place). Then each disc has a raw audio, no commentary option which, given how vocal the wrestlers in the audience are, is worth visiting at least for the big matches. What makes this release really special though, is a fantastic director’s commentary feature. Beyond Wrestling promoter Drew Cordeiro teams with Chris Dickinson to provide insight not only into the matches on the show, but the history and concept of Beyond itself. Given that Beyond is so different from every other wrestling company, hearing Cordeiro talk about the creative process behind it is quite eye-opening. Likewise, it’s nice to get to know the laid back, humorous guy behind the deranged sociopath that is Chris Dickinson. As he appears in 5 of the 11 included matches, you get an in depth look into his personal history, how he approaches his craft, and what it means for him personally to be “the guy” for Beyond Wrestling. He even takes the time to address criticism of his wrestling style, and the rumors that he stuffs his tights. DC and CD cover all of that, and much more in an informative and, at times, hilarious session.

When you take the quality of the matches, their significance to Beyond history, and their relevance to the next stage of evolution for women’s wrestling, you’d be hard pressed not to find some value in this DVD. There are a couple of  less than stellar matches, an odd lack of entrance music (which some wrestlers actually use to their advantage), and the drain of the tournament is sometimes visible on the competitors, but all of that is completely overshadowed by what’s good here. The Hailey Hatred matches are all phenomenal, and Dickinson and Fear put on a great showings as well. The director’s commentary is much like getting a full “shoot” interview as a bonus on this release, and it really puts it over the top as a great DVD and worthwhile purchase.

This is a must have for any Hailey Hatred, Chris Dickinson, or Beyond Wrestling fans. Everyone else should seriously consider purchasing it as well. Check the video preview below!

Score: 7.5


Beyond Wrestling – http://www.lookmanofans.com

Hailey Hatred The Dirty Dirty Sheets Interview


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