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SHIMMER: Volume 60 Gallery


SHIMMER Volume 60: In which Mia Yim brought forth the Firebird, Kana channeled David Lee Roth, Portia Perez stole even more stuff, Madison Eagles has to have emptied the fork drawer by now, right?, Nicole Matthews died by the sword, and LuFisto lost the battle but drew first blood in the war.

Photos by Gregory Davis (1-112) and Christopher Codina (113-120).

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SHIMMER: Volume 59


SHIMMER 59 where Portia Perez stole more stuff, Kimber Lee and Kana had a German suplex-off, Leva Bates tried a more stealthy approach, Nicole Matthews lived by the sword, and Cheerleader Melissa curb-stomped happyness.

Photos by Gregory Davis (1-85) and Christopher Codina (86-94).

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SHIMMER: Volume 58 Gallery


SHIMMER 58, the one where Portia Perez stole stuff, Nikki Storm spoke in a super awesome accent, Christina Von Eerie and MsChif practiced Black Magic, Cheerleader Melissa got an award and was a total dick about it, Hiroyo Matsumoto wished Saraya Knight a happy birthday, and Madison Eagles and Nicole Matthews tried to fork each other over.

Photos by Gregory Davis (1-136) and Christopher Codina (137-144).

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SHIMMER: Volume 54 Gallery


At SHIMMER last month, we saw Evie and Kimber Lee earn their roster spots and Jessicka Havok take her spot, whether we liked it or not. We saw Serena Deeb and Madison Eagles make their first trip back to Berwyn after long absences due to injury, and they did not miss a beat. We saw Allysin Kay TwitPic mid-match. We saw Mercedes Martinez and Ayako Hamada try their absolute best to destroy each other. We saw one of the most wild, goofy, amazing spectacles of a four-way match that wrestling has seen. We saw Nicole Matthews and Portia Perez cheat and cheat and cheat and cheat and cheat and be dicks. We saw Cheerleader Melissa take a very dark turn as she began her second reign as champion. We saw that the Global Green Gangsters, Kellie Skater and Tomoka Nakagawa, truly “Got this.” We saw the end of an era as Allison Danger, one of the founders of the company and a pioneer in the world of “American joshi” wrestling, compete in the final match of her career.

This is the first of our four part gallery for the SHIMMER weekend, enjoy.

Photos 1-138 by Gregory Davis. Photos 139-150 by Christopher Codina.

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SHIMMER: Volume 52 Gallery


SHIMMER Galleries: Volume 49, Volume 50, Volume 51

Here’s our final gallery from the most recent SHIMMER tapings. This was the one where Allysin Kay, as she long ago prophesized, got in the ring with The World Famous Kana (although rumor has it she’s still looking forward to a one-on-one confrontation). Also, Athena continued making her case that she is the best by taking on the best in Ayako Hamada. All this, and lots of ninjas. Enjoy!

Photos 1-135 by Gregory Davis and 136-138 by Christopher Codina.

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SHIMMER: Volume 51 Gallery


SHIMMER Galleries: Volume 49Volume 50Volume 52

Melissa. Bates. Athena. Kana. Natural. Rush. Mizunami. Lufisto. Perez. Hamada. Kellie Fucking Skater. Enjoy.

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SHIMMER: Volume 50 Gallery

SHIMMER Galleries: Volume 49Volume 51Volume 52

SHIMMER Volume 50 saw the cross-generational Joshi dream match of Kana versus Ayako Hamada come to American soil, in what is now largely considered, “the best fucking match ever.” There was also the welcome return of SHIMMER original Lexie Fyfe, who looked fantastic in the main event elimination match. Please enjoy our photos, volume 51 and 52 are coming soon!

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SHIMMER: Volume 49 Gallery

SHIMMER Galleries: Volume 50Volume 51Volume 52

Greg, boss that he is, attended yet another three day international wrestling summit with the AAW/SHIMMER Weekend. Here’s his wonderful photos from the first of the four SHIMMER shows. This was the one where Athena found herself in the main event, Courtney Rush lost herself in the past, and, delivering on months of trash talk, Portia Perez actually, finally, for real beat Kana. Enjoy!

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Davina Rose: The Dirty Dirty Sheets Interview

One of the hidden gems of 2011, Davina Rose is a name fans slowly are becoming more aware of. With her appearances for SHIMMER and ArenaChicks, Northern California’s Rose has made an impressive step into the national spotlight and is severing as a worthy ambassador for her home promotion, Big Time Wrestling. Her passion, heart, and constant smile reminds fans of the woman who happens to be her mentor, the amazing Serena Deeb. An admirable, but daunting, comparison. Filling those boots won’t be any easier with the likes of Portia Perez and Nicole Matthews already gunning for her. Luckily, she has an Egyptian god watching her back. DDS is proud to present, Davina Rose!

Becoming a wrestler isn’t something the average person aspires to. Who or what captured your imagination and made you a fan? What was the defining moment when you knew you wanted to become a wrestler?

Well, I was always a tomboy growing up (and still am), playing all kinds of sports everyday so I already had that love for sports in my blood. The first time I saw wrestling, my Dad and brother were watching it and I honestly thought nothing of it until I saw Randy “The Macho Man” Savage. All I saw was huge muscles, bright colors, and a big smile on this guys face. It looked like he was having the time of his life. That was when I was when I got hooked into wrestling. It wasn’t until I saw the women wrestling, like Ivory, that I knew I wanted to actually be a part of it. Throughout time like my teenage years I fell in love with the Hardy Boyz and Lita, and they are definitely a big part of me being a wrestler right now.

Tell us about your gear. You of course have a rose, but you also have an Egyptian symbol. Can you explain the symbol’s significance to you?

I try to keep my gear very athletic looking. Ever since I was younger, I knew I wanted to treat wrestling as the sport that it is and not use my body or showing off skin to get any other attention. As for the rose on most of my tights, it obviously symbolizes my name. “Rose” is actually my middle name. My Mom gave me that name because ever since she can remember, my Grandpa would give my Grandma a dozen roses every week, so it meant a lot to her, which made it mean a lot to me. Even more now that my Tadgu (Grandpa in Welsh) recently passed away in June.

The Egyptian symbol is the “Eye of Ra” which symbolizes protection. Before my first wrestling match my family was excited but, of course, worried about me. So a few days before my match I got the Eye of Ra tattooed on the back of my neck to feel protected and know that someone is always watching my back. It’s also just a cool design; I was getting bored of the roses!

Big time wrestling seems to be your home promotion, give us some insight on that company and how you discovered them? Who were you trained by and what was your training like?

Yes, Big Time Wrestling is one of the biggest promotions in Northern California and it is run by Kirk White. My Dad first found out about them back in 2001, because he saw a sign outside of the San José Boys and Girls Club near his work and it had Buff Bagwell on it. I was 11 and that was the first live wrestling show I had ever been to. Since that night I never missed any of the Big Time Wrestling shows.

I began training in 2008 when I was 18 with my head trainer Jason Styles, along with Ryan Von Kool, Kimo Kanaloa, Chico Navarro, Mike Silva, and Shane Kody. My first day there were also 3 other guys starting who were all best friends. I was the only girl there, and still am to this day. We trained twice a week for 2 hours in this small warehouse that barely had enough room for the ring and no bathroom! It was perfect. It was a very intimidating being a teenage girl with all these men, in a man’s world, but I loved it.

Southern California wrestling gained a lot of national attention last year. As someone in Northern California, how do you view the scene? Would you say you’ve had great opportunities there?

I believe Northern Cali and Southern Cali are two very different wrestling worlds. Southern Cali has way more promotions, way more exposure, and way more women wrestlers! I’ve only wrestled there a few times for NWA Hollywood and I had a great time.

When I first started, all the girls I wrestled were from SoCal. With the exception of Christina Von Eerie, whom I had the pleasure of working with a few times, I think I’m the only NorCal girl around right now. But honestly, I cannot complain one bit. Kirk White has given me the biggest opportunities with BTW and I couldn’t ask for more. He has never let me down since day one, I was never left out of a show and he’s always brought someone in for me to wrestle. Through Kirk and BTW shows I’ve had the opportunity to wrestle ODB, Awesome Kong, Daffney, Serena, and many more great women.

Is there any place you’re very interested in working or training outside the country? Any promotions you have on your radar to perform for?

I want to go anywhere! The more I wrestle, and the more people I meet, the more anxious I get to see the world. Like any other wrestler I would love to go to Japan, Mexico and Australia being that wrestling is very big and respected in those places. But I’ve got my eye on Canada for the next place I want to train and wrestle in. I love the Canadian style; I believe it will add so much to me as a wrestler. I would love to work for ECCW over there. In the states, WSU in New Jersey is the next promotion I’d like to wrestle for.

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Ten Questions with Zeuxis

A myth holds it that Zeuxis, the famed artist of Ancient Greece, could not find one woman beautiful enough to model for his painting of Helen of Troy, so he had to use the features of five different ones to complete the piece. Zeuxis, Puerto Rican born luchadora, only needed to see Marcela wrestle on TV to be inspire her to become an artista del ring. In the three years since her debut Zeuxis has worked her way through the independent ranks of Mexico and into CMLL, wrestling’s longest running promotion. She has also completed multiple tours of Japan for Pro Wrestling REINA, where she has garnered a loyal fan following. We recently caught up with Zeuxis to talk about her inspirations, the influence of Joshi Puroresu on her style, and what she thinks about US women’s wrestling.

Japanese translation and photos by Aoikougei.

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Please tell us who trained you, and how long you have been wrestling.

I am 22 years old, my birthday is November 3, and I began training when I was 15. I started with amateur wrestling for two years, then I became a professional and wrestled independent promotions for 2 years, and now I work in CMLL, which is the best company in Mexico.

Who are some of the wrestlers that have inspired you?

I was always fond of Konnan and Perro Aguayo, they were my idols. The person I admire, that got me interested in joining the sport is Marcela, she is my biggest idol. I also look up to Ultimo Guerrero, whom I train under now, and Satanico and Virus.

One of your finishing moves, El Caballete, is an amazing submission hold! In Japan, you use the Sky Twister Press as your finishing move. Why the change?

In Mexico, El Caballete is totally different than anything that’s been seen1. But I’ve only been able to use it once in Japan. They say that everything has to evolve, so I am trying to develop my high flying style. I love it because it is so different, and I am trying to combine the technical aspect and the high flying together, to make a tougher style.

Who are some of your favorite opponents?

Going to Japan to wrestle for REINA made me a more mature luchadora, as I could face great legends in Japan such as Yumiko Hotta, Manami Toyota, Ayumi, and Ray among others. But also in Mexico, I was able to wrestle my idol Marcela, and tag team with rudas such as La Comandante, Princess Blanca and Amapola. I think that helped me to have more experience and demonstrate my qualites as a luchadora day to day.

Besides wrestling, what do you do with your time? Do you have any hobbies?

In addition to wrestling, I’m a paramedic and work at the Red Cross. Some of my hobbies are going to the movies, I love comedies and romance movies. My favorite actors are Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller and Ben Affleck.

You are one half of the REINA tag team champions with your partner La Comandante. Please tell us how you feel wrestling in Japan is compared to wrestling in Mexico.

I am happy to be tag team champions with one of the great rudas2. Mexican wrestling is more varied because it blends mat wrestling with high-flying, in comparison to the Japanese style, which is slower but much harder hitting. So far I think I have achieved my goal of making the fans happy with my style.

Do you have any interest in wrestling in the United States? Have you watched any US women’s wrestling shows?

During my stay in Japan, I have watched many matches from the United States, and it is completely different from Mexican style, but very similar to the Japanese style. I would like to experience wrestling the great fighters there. I saw the SHIMMER show where Matsumoto and Ohata won the tag team titles from the Canadian Ninjas, and I could see the quality of the women wrestlers in the company.

Who are three opponents that you have not wrestled that you would wish to face?

Ayako Hamada, Aja Kong and Hailey Hatred. Although I wrestled Hailey before, I would like to wrestle for one of her championships. She has knowledge of Mexican and Japanese styles, so I think she would be a great rival.

Please give us a few words on the following people:

La Comandante – An excellent ruda and a great companion in the ring, we are the perfect combination.

Yumiko Hotta – A legend and a great rival. I studied and trained to prove to her that I am ready. She is so much more, and a very forgiving person.

Ray – My worst enemy in Japan. She has a high-flying style that many aspire to, but I proved that I will not give up so easily and I will take her championship. (Ray is the CMLL-REINA International Junior Heavyweight Champion.)

Mia Yim – My best friend, I am able to share many things with her, and I think she has a great future ahead as long as she wants to excel.

The Canadian Ninjas – Excellent team made up of two great fighters, but we were able to show that we were better. Hopefully we can have another match with them.

Ayako Hamada – One of the best fighters in Japan and Mexico, it would be an honor to work with her as a partner or as my opponent. I think her fighting style is excellent.

Do you have anything that you would like to say to your fans?

Follow the ascent of my career! I have a lot more to show you and will continue to work to keep your interest.

To learn more about Zeuxis follow her on twitter (@zEuXiScMLl) and like her on Facebook. Below, check out tag team action featuring Zeuxis and La Comandante taking on Joshi legends Manami Toyota and Yumiko Hotta. We’ve also footnoted some of the bouts and events referenced above, go to the bottom of this page to watch.

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  1. Watch Zeuxis win the first fall with her El Caballete submission in this six woman match.
  2. See Zeuxis and La Commandante defeat the Candian Ninjas to become the inaugural REINA tag team champions here.