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CHIKARA: King of Trios 2012 Gallery

DDS ace photographer Gregory Davis was on hand for this year’s edition of CHIKARA‘s annual, massive, King of Trios weekend. 2012’s KOT was all about the Queens though, as seven Joshi came to CHIKARA and demolished preconceptions, gender barriers and, most enjoyably, Matt Classic. Tsubasa Kuragaki told me she’s looking forward to returning to America again soon. Until then you can enjoy Greg’s shots of three days of wrestling excellence. You can also order the shows via SmartMarkVideo.com.

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Chikarasaurus Rex

This past weekend CHIKARA put on its “Summer Blockbuster” double-header with two big shows filled with international talent and pivotal matches. Last year’s Chikarasaurus Rex was our first live CHIKARA event. It was highlighted by two Dragon Gate vs CHIKARA six man tags and the appearance of Tommy Dreamer, Amazing Kong, and Cheerleader Melissa. This year’s expanded production featured the 12 Large Summit, along with an Ice Ribbon, CMLL and British invasion. A lot has changed in the year for CHIKARA, as the company continues to expand and improve. Here’s how the bigger, badder, better sequel went down:

Night One: Reading, PA

1. 12 Large Summit – Fire Ant defeated Jigsaw by arm lock submission – Much is at stake in every match of the 12 Large Summit, a point-driven round robin tournament to crown CHIKARA’s first singles champion. If that wasn’t apparent during the highly technical opening moments of this bout, it certainly became clear when Fire Ant made his second suicide dive onto Jigsaw, propelling both into the last row of seats.

The match was filled with greatness from the two tournament dark horses. The performance from Jigsaw was particular gutsy as he was just making his return to the ring after a bicep injury. Clearly not 100%,  Jigsaw had to wrestle the latter half of the match with virtually one arm. A sick penalty kick and brainbuster combo almost gave him precious victory, but a few arm locks later and Jigsaw had no choice but to submit. Fantastic opener.

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CHIKARA: King of Trios 2011 Night Three

CHIKARA King of Trios is done. You can read the full play-by-play of Night Three here. You can even buy the shows sometime later today at SmartMarkVideo.com. You should probably do that, because you won’t easily find a better event in pro wrestling.

The Colony are your KOT 2010 Champions. Green Ant managed to secure the win over FIST with just one arm and one antenna. Despite being classless, cheating scumbags, I found myself strongly pulling for FIST. With the continued disintegration of BDK, CHIKARA’s heroes need new villains and FIST are the most dangerous group in the company; at least since they sent the chair using, Bon Jovi singing Great Sasuke of Team Michinoku Pro packing with a powder attack at the end of another amazing trios match.

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CHIKARA: King of Trios 2011 Night Two

Night two of CHIKARA King of Trios managed to top Night One in pretty much every way, which is saying a lot (you can read full results here). The night started with a fantastic match between Mr. Archibald Peck and Colt Cabana. Peck, who may or not be making waves in ROH as Barrister R.D. Evans and known as the King of ACW as Robert Evans, is the complete star pro wrestling star. Much like Cabana, he holds any audience in the palm of his hand, and the over-the-top band major gimmick only enhances it.

Match of the night probably belongs to Team FIST vs Osaka Pro. It was an incredible 20 minutes that managed to bring the entire crowd to their feet, and it was just the second match! Great work from all involved. FIST showed they could hang with some of the most innovative and athletic in Japan, while at the same time completely pissing the crowd off with their antics. It’s a fine line to walk, but few do it better.

The two four ways for the high-flyer mini-tournament were both great. Zack Sabre Jr. was very British, Pinkie Sanchez was very jerkish, and the 1-2-3 Kid was very 1990s-ish, in the good way.

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