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Allison Danger and the Infinitely Sad Tuesday

Tuesday was full of sad. I’m talking Amanda Palmer solo set sad. First came the above video, a tear-jerking clip of Ayumi Kurihara saying goodbye to her SHIMMER fans before flying back to Japan, where she will retire in August.

Lots of Joshi retire, and lots retire young but most everyone seemed to think of Ayumi as a lifer. Her retirement announcement was completely shocking. Ayumi is an amazing wrestler and always a joy to watch. Joshi Pro won’t be the same without her.

Then came news from LuFisto, confirming fears that she was injured during the SHIMMER Volume 53 iPPV this past weekend. You should read her thoughts here on her Facebook page. At least this sad is mitigated by the fact that LuFisto is one of the toughest, strongest, and hardest working people in the world. She’s come back from major injury and medical issues before, each time being in better shape, each time a better wrestler than before. I have no doubt we will be able to say the same after this setback. I believe in LuFisto.

And then came news that Rachel Summerlyn is taking time off due to a lingering neck injury. Rachel is one of my favorite wrestlers and favorite people due to her love, passion, and perpetually positive attitude. I think she’ll be making dudes bleed their own blood before we know it.

In the meantime, she’s enlisted Khris “Texas Rainmaker” Wolfe to kick Gary Jay’s ass in her stead at St. Louis Anarchy’s massive Circus Maximus show (in a 10,000 Thumbtacks match). Anyone in the area should check it out.


And then, in the main event of Final Sad:CLIMAX 2013, SHIMMER announced that Allison Danger would be ending her in-ring career this weekend. The announcement hit me hard. Danger’s career has meant a lot to me and honestly, she’s largely responsible for the existence of DDS.

The first Ring of Honor show I watched was not very good. I had already stopped watching other wrestling entirely, giving ROH a chance was a last ditch effort at seeing whether or not the art was worth following anymore. I wasn’t sold, at all. However, Danger’s performance as Christopher Daniel’s disciple and her religious devotion to his “prophecy” intrigued me. I’d never seen anyone in wrestling quite like her and I wanted to see where things went, so I decided to give ROH, and wrestling in general, another shot.

There were plenty of great things going on in ROH during that time: Danielson, Joe, Punk, Low Ki, Cide, etc., but Danger’s contributions will always hold a special place for me. Sometimes they had an off night (see: my first show), but Danger was always, always on point through the multiple transformations her character underwent.

When Danger transitioned into a more regular in-ring performer for ROH that eventually led me to looking into her work in other places, which led me to her work in Japan which, of course, helped me discover my true wrestling love in Joshi Puroresu which eventually lead to this site.

Danger has meant that much to many people. She laid the groundwork for the late 00’s US women’s wrestling renaissance with those ROH matches, a renaissance which entered its Silver Age when Danger uttered the phrase “American Joshi” on the first SHIMMER tapings. A phrase Danger brought meaning to with her matches against the likes of Del Rey and Martinez and Melissa and Haze and MsChif and Knox and Rogers and Perez.


Danger was stellar outside the ring as well. She was one of the first to take an active role in social media. She blogged about her travels in Japan, engaged fans in weekly SHIMMER chats, and MySpaced when it was still a verb. She even offered epic take downs of the worst elements on wrestling message boards, in between being an outspoken advocate for women in wrestling.

Allison Danger started a charity drive at SHIMMER to help mothers in need provide necessities for their kids. Danger also once promised to fuck a fan’s mom after a show in Montreal. Danger beat Bryce Remsburg in a Lady Gaga dance-off. Danger pissed off an aged woman so badly that the old lady rose from her wheelchair in order to get at her.

Allison Danger has done great things in wrestling, far too many for me to do them justice in a small post like this. I’m saddened that I’ll never get to see another Allison Danger match live, but I feel privileged to have been at so many. I’m sure she’ll still be around wrestling in some form, and hopefully still as a performer, but her absence in the ring will leave a hole that can never be properly filled.

She will be dearly missed.

Beyond Wrestling and St. Louis Anarchy: Double Trouble Review

Featuring: ACH, Johnny Gargano, Eric Corvis, Jonny Mangue, Chase Brunett, Zane Silver, Matthew Justice, The Pitboss, The Hate Junkies, dany only, Strknyn, Arik Canon, Darin Corbin, Christian Rose, The Submission Squad, Evan Gelistico, Gary Jay, Pierre Abernathy, Dale Patricks, Remi Wilkins, Heidi Lovelace, Nate Stone, Reed Bentley, Tripp Cassidy, Davey Vega, Eric Ryan, The Kentucky Buffet, Alex Castle, Matt Cage, The Hooligans, Devin Cutter, Mason Cutter, Mark Angel, Drew Gulak, Aaron Epic, Pinkie Sanchez, Sugar Dunkerton, The Slaughterhouse, KJ Crush, Maserati Rick, Tony Banks, Rickey Shane Page, Dan Walsh, Johnny Cockstrong, RD Evans

Available on DVD for $12 hereMP4 for $12 here, VOD for $10 here.

Photos Courtesy Wayne Palmer 

On the day that their purchase of Women Superstars Uncensored was confirmed, Beyond Wrestling ventured to Absolute Intense Wrestling’s stomping ground, Turners Hall in Cleveland, in Ohio. But instead of AIW, they had a different dancing partner, in the form of St. Louis Anarchy. The mid-west cousins of Austin’s ACW had perhaps their biggest platform yet for this show. Did Beyond and SLA dare to try and one up AIW on their home turf? Indeed, they dared.

1. Eric Corvis [+11], Jonny Mangue [+2] & Team Beyond (Chase Burnett [-7] & Zane Silver [-3]) vs. Matthew Justice [-1], The Pitboss [+7] & The Hate Junkies (dany only [+4] & Stryknyn [+2]) – Team Beyond versus Team Kill Everyone In Beyond, essentially. Pitboss is facing his former Doom Patrol stablemate, Jonny Mangue, with some new, more like-minded partners in Justice and The Hate Junkies. Prior to this Mangue had helped Pitboss and Chris Dickinson make life hell for Corvis, Brunett, and Silver, but the “Smooth Savage” changed his ways this year and worked with his former rivals.

The match started with a big brawl that spilled to the outside very quick. Team Beyond got the early advantage, but the storm was weathered, and dany only puts his team in control. The “Shitboss”… sorry, Pitboss (only reporting what was chanted) continued to work over Zane Silver, but after a few minutes, Silver made the tag to Eric Corvis. After losing the advantage, the wrestlers at ringside got Corvis back in it by singing the Rocky theme.

Later on Mathew Justice, Pitboss and the Hate Junkies found themselves stacked up together, when Zane Silver dropkicked off the top rope onto all of them in a unique moment. dany only then created another one by suplexing Burnett into a DDT on his own partner Silver. After another melee, Justice caught Corvis with a low blow, and hit two DVDs into the corner on him for the win. A good opening contest, a bit crazy in places, but it had a nice flow. Johnny Cockstrong noted on commentary that The Beasts had a 200lb combined advantage on their opponents, and it ultimately told.

2. Arik Cannon [0], Darin Corbin [0] & Christian Rose [0] vs. The Submission Squad (Evan Gelistico [0], Gary Jay [-2] & Pierre Abernathy [-1]) – Cannon’s team came out to B.o.B, which Rose noted was not the song they originally intended to come out to. The Submission Squad were looking for a great performance here, with two of the members on losing records going in.

Things were off to a rough start for the Squad when even the referee found himself bodyslamming Gary Jay. As this is a St. Louis Anarchy match, and therefore competed under Anarchy Rules, the match continued. Then there was gigantic showdown between “Big Daddy” Pierre Abernathy and “Ginger Madness” Darin Corbin, and then there was the the usual slo-mo sequence (which Robert Evans, on commentary, followed suit in slo-mo calling). The Squad then took control and Evan “Kick the World” Gelistico pretty much took Christian “Born to Hurt” Rose’s face off. Appropriate. Arik Cannon (the Dastardly Urban Fiend as Evans put it) put down his PBR long enough to come in and run riot all over the Submission Squad. Things then went bonzo gonzo, and Jay used a break in the confusion to pull Cannon’s tights for the pin, and earning a huge win for the Submission Squad.

3. School Of Roc Tag Team Sole Survivor Elimination Match: Dale Patricks [0], Remi Wilkins [0] & Heidi Lovelace [0] vs. Nate Stone [0], Reed Bentley [0] & Tripp Cassidy [0] – Availible in its entirety above, this was a sole survivor elimination match: once a team is completely eliminated, the remaining members of the other team must wrestle each other until there is one winner. A sort of mini Cibernetico. Continue reading

AIW: Nightmare Before X-Mas Live Report

Photos courtesy Wayne Palmer

Absolute Intense Wrestling’s fifth annual Nightmare Before X-Mas show, while not implicitly Christmas-themed, did have its fair share of presents, surprises and joy. Most notably in the form of surprise visits from Jason Gory and Matt Cross, not one but TWO Colt Cabana matches, ACH’s first (and please, not last!) AIW appearance, showings from both Beyond Wrestling and St. Louis Anarchy, and Dave “Potato Dawson” getting the ever-loving crap beat out of him by Johnny Gargano. And that is only the tip of the pro-wrestling iceberg.

There were two pre-show matches, both of which I arrived in plenty of time to see and document properly this time.

A. Luis Diamante defeated Jason Gory – The first pre-show match saw Luis Diamante, representing Da Latin Crime Syndicate against surprise visitor Jason Gory, representing the Dead Wrestler Society from PWO. Gory got a pretty solid reaction on his way out to the ring, as I think we were all pretty surprised to see him there. The match itself wasn’t terribly long but had a lot of solid action, including some big top-rope moves from Gory. Unfortunately, one of those top-rope moves cost Gory the win when Diamante moved out of Gory’s landing zone.

B. Jarek 1:20 defeated Mazerati Rick – It was recently announced that AIW and Beyond have entered into a partnership; talent from Beyond will be at all future AIW shows. I for one am very excited about this. This particular show saw obvious crowd favorite Jarek 1:20 take on Mazerati Rick. Jarek spent most of the match having the heck beat out of him by Rick. Jarek only gained the upper hand after yelling “TIME FREEZE” while Rick was on crouched on the top turnbuckle. This froze everyone in the ring minus Jarek himself. He hauled himself to his feet, caught his breath, and turned time on again. Instead of laying helplessly on the mat, he dropkicked Rick in midair and pinned him for three. I cannot get over my love for Jarek’s magician persona and the way he plays it.

1. The Duke defeated Jock Sampson via countout – The show proper opened with Jock Sampson’s in-ring debut against The Duke. He stepped into the ring with a rope, cowbells and a chorus of boos. He took the mic for a moment just to threaten to kill everyone’s family if anyone started a “Galifianakis” chant. Naturally, a “Galifianakis” chant started almost immediately. The Duke came out shortly thereafter. It didn’t take much action for Galifian—I mean Sampson to exit the ring and attempt to run away like a bitch. Duke wouldn’t let him things continued at ringside, though it lead to Duke getting thrown into the barricade. Sampson hopped into the ring and onto the turnbuckle to announce that “I am the best of all time!” to which the crowd responded by starting an even more insulting look-a-like chant. Sampson tried to keep his momentum going with a big leap off the top rope, but Duke was able to move out of the way. Duke came back with a spinebuster and then sent Sampson over the rope with a lariat. Jock Sampson pouted at ringside and got counted out. He then grabbed his rope and cowbells and took after Duke with them. After beating him up for a few moments, Husk—I mean Sampson went on the mic to complain that he actually won the match, because throwing him over the top rope was a disqualification. He called us a bunch of virgins as a final salvo and stomped backstage.

2. ACH, Mat Fitchett, and Davey Vega defeated The Submission Squad (Evan Gelistico, Gary Jay, and Pierre Abernathy) – St. Louis Anarchy Offer Match – This was one of the matches I was most looking forward to. It took exactly one match to turn me into an ACH fan, which was him versus AR Fox at Beyond. If you haven’t seen that match yet, what are you doing here, go watch it. I’ll wait.

Just based on that one match alone I knew we were going to be in for a treat. Putting him with Fitchett and Vega, however, was perfection. ACH was a boss with the hugest leap I’ve ever seen in my life. And I don’t mean distance, although he did make it most of the way to the other side of the ring, but I mean height. I mean really high. I mean ten feet into the air and if that’s an exaggeration, it’s not by much.

Fitchett was also pretty boss, though he spent a great deal of time getting kicked around by various members of the Submission Squad and being victimized by “Stiff Ginger” Gary Jay’s particularly sharp chops. He had a gorgeous Fosbury Flop onto everybody at ringside and a beautiful Shooting Star Press towards the end of the match. That, in conjunction with ACH’s gigantic Frog Splash, lead the good guys to victory .

I’ve only recently become aware of the St. Louis Anarchy company, and I have to tell you, I’ve never been more sad that I don’t live in Missouri.

Continue reading

Beyond Wrestling: About Time DVD Review

Beyond Wrestling – “About Time”

July 23rd, 2011
Heirloom Arts Theatre – Danbury, CT
Availible on LookMaNoFans.com for $9-$12.

  1. Super Smash Bros. (Player Uno & Player Dos) vs. Aeroform (Flip Kendrick & Louis Lyndon)
  2. Leon St. Giovanni w/ vs. “The Juice” JT Dunn
  3. Aaron Epic vs. Amber
  4. Academy of Anatomy (Nick Talent & Mark Angel) vs. Team TREMENDOUS (Dan Barry & Ken Scampi) vs. D.U.I. (Anthony Stone & William Thorne) vs. Connecticut Superstars (Dave Cole & J-Busta)
  5. RD Evans vs. Jarek 1:20
  6. Throwbacks (Sugar Dunkerton & Dasher Hatfield) vs. Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous (Darius Carter & TJ Marconi)
  7. Cockstrong Carnival – Participants Include: Cecil Nyx, Tuck Hanson, GLAAD Badd, Veda Scott, Stan Styles, Addy Star, Steve “Turtle” Weiner, Josh Thor, Fredo Majors
  8. Mat Fitchett vs. Jonny Mangue
  9. Team Cockstrong (Johnny Cockstrong, Corvis Fear, Chase Burnett, Zane Silver) vs. The Submission Squad (Davey Vega, Gary Jay, Pierre Abernathy, Evan Gelistico)

It was only a matter of time. Beyond Wrestling’s post-modernist, no-fans-in-the-audience, wrestling-by-wrestlers-for-wrestlers philosophy created so much buzz that, ironically, a growing number of fans wanted a chance to experience a show live. There was some question as to whether Beyond’s specific formula could be brought to the public in a genuine way. After all, the raucous crowd made up entirely of other wrestlers was part of what made Beyond unique. Likewise, the contrast between HD visuals with the underground, “Fight Club” style environment was something that would be difficult to capture in a traditional venue. Beyond also had a number of concepts, characters, and traditions that an uninitiated fan would have a hard time sorting through live. Some feared the aspects that made Beyond stand out would need to be changed or minimized in order to make a successful transition from its private enclosed gyms to an open public theatre.

However, any such fears were allayed roughly 15 seconds after the cameras started to roll. Flip Kendrick and Louis Lyndon, Aeroform, made their way to the ring and are given a typical Beyond greeting by wrestlers around ringside. You see Corvis Fear, Pinkie Sanchez, and TJ Marconi singing, dancing, and Houston hopping to Lil Flip’s “Game Over” as the high-flying brothers entered. As stated on commentary, this show was done to bring the two communities, Beyond fans and Beyond wrestlers, together. So the Beyond locker room was ringside behaving as ridiculously as it would be at any other Beyond taping. The only difference this time was that fans were lucky enough to be in the mix dancing, chanting, catching diving wrestlers etc., all right along with the Beyond roster. In order to ensure home viewers got a similarly engaging experience,  Beyond eschewed the traditional hard camera and only used two HD handhelds. This succeeded in capturing the personal feel of earlier Beyond DVDs in the new, larger venue.

With the atmosphere settled, the card itself retained authenticity as well as it was filled with a number of “Only in Beyond” matchups. Two tag team bouts, Aeroform versus The Super Smash Brothers and CHIKARA’s Throwbacks versus Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous highlighted this. Each team looked good, but it was the lesser known team of Marconi and Carter that stood out, showing star potential with both their wrestling ability and charisma (no easy feat when across from someone like Sugar Dunkerton).

Fresh faces JT Dunn and Leon St. Giovanni had a solid, smooth bout. Giovanni looked like a natural, which his manager, talker extraordinaire Jon Harder, made sure to let everyone know. ACW’s Young Lion Mat Fitchett faced Beyond’s home-grown super athlete Jonny Mangue. Both demonstrated why they’ve garnered so much confidence from the promotions that are grooming them to be the next big things.

The Four Team tag match was, expectedly, insane. At one point it looked like someone had emptied a dump truck filled with sweaty, unconscious wrestlers onto the floor of the Danbury Heirloom Arts Theatre. In a similar vein, the “Cockstrong Carnival” was entertaining from beginning to end. The purpose was to showcase wrestlers who, like its namesake Johnny Cockstrong, liked to have a bit of fun while they’re wrestling. It was generally a good, fun time…until Inter-Species Wrestling’s cute and cuddly psychopath Addy Star showed up. She stole the show with a brief but impactful appearance, delivering the sickest Sliding D this side of Masato Tanaka to Stan Styles (after Cock-slamming, suplexing, and force-feeding him). It was an unforgettable moment, as was Josh Thor decapitating poor Steve Weiner, the crowd chanting for GLAAD Badd to do something terrible to Veda Scott, and Thor slugging it out with the decidedly un-fun Fredo Majors. Good stuff all around.

The Match of the Night battle is a three-way between ACW/ROH/CHIKARA/Everywhere standout RD Evans taking on Beyond’s Man of Illusion Jarek 1:20, an inter-gender brawl between WSU’s Amber and Aaron “Kanye” Epic, and a Captain’s Fall Elimination match between ACW’s Submission Squad and Team Cockstrong.

RD Evans did what he always does. He disarmed everyone with his humor and wacked charm, before blowing them away with his skill and frightening intensity.  Jarek comes from much the same mold, and matching these two up was genius. Evans has already conquered much of the United States 2011. Here’s hoping Jarek brings his one-of-a-kind style to more fans in the 2012.

Beyond is known for its hard-hitting intergender matches and the brawl between “The Encore” Aaron Epic and Amber may have been the most brutal yet. You can probably blame Dunkerton who started a “Whoop dat trick!” chant as things got under way. Amber gave the crowd what they wanted and immediately cracked Aaron with a vicious elbow strike, and then another.  Epic recovered and countered with an elbow of his own and a kick right to Amber’s grill. Things just got madder from there.

Amber is one of the more imposing women on the scene and she had no trouble throwing Epic, in between back chopping him or trying to kick his teeth out. Epic’s known for his knockout power and he needed every bit of it in this phenomenal battle. I’ve always enjoyed Amber’s work, but this was the best she’s ever been. The crowd, fans and wrestlers alike, helped make the match as they were hot for it from beginning to end. This was another case where Beyond tried something different and it paid off ten-fold.

The main event saw Beyond’s heroes Justice League, Cockstrong, Fear, Novak, Burnett, and Silver take on of its top villain, Davey Vega, and his Secret Society of Super-Villains, The Submission Squad. It was a Captain’s Fall 8 Man Tag Team Match, as Vega and Cockstrong are in a heated race to be points Champion in Beyond. A potentially infinite number of pinfals, therefore points, could be scored until either of the team captains was pinned. Early on Vega’s crew, looking more like the Suicide Squad, gave up a number of falls until Vega stepped in and things really got going.

Earning his @StiffRoboGinger Twitter handle, Gary Jay laid into his opponents whenever Vega wasn’t beheading them with discus lariats. Cockstrong, as always, courageously used his incurable case of priapism1 to his advantage. Novak busted out his Super Ultra Combo of Destruction. Vega somehow managed to survive having his finisher stolen and done to him on the top turnbuckle, and so on. Everyone was on point, except the dead tired ref who was forced to keep up with all of it.

There’s no need to spoil the end of this epic clash of super teams, but it does have a shocking twist that ACW followers especially will want to see.

As usual, all the action on the show can be viewed with or without commentary. While Denver Colorado is informative as always, you should definitely try the live audio option at least once. It, coupled with the lack of hard camera, delivers an extremely visceral experience. You’ll feel like you were at the show, minus having to deal with the triple digit temperature.

Altogether, About Time featured 9 matches with 41 wrestlers. The quantity was much less important than the variety. Here was a cross-cut of the current crop of young talent wrestling in the US. The diverse mix lead to lots of good matches, and three really good ones. However the show overall felt better, and more important, than even the sum of its parts. About Time came across a lot like the early days of Ring of Honor. The time when you would see unknown young wrestlers from across the country come together to put on groundbreaking events that redefined wrestling for a generation. There’s even a group of guys from a Texas promotion trying to steal stealing the spotlight like TWA’s Danielson, Spanky, and London used to2. Beyond invited this favorable comparison even more with its second live taping, Back in Flesh,  where Davey Richards and Johnny Gargano faced Jonny Mangue in a Round Robin Challenge.

Yes, big things are happening for this small, but rapidly growing company. This show brought Beyond to a new environment but everything that made the promotion intriguing and unique remained. We recommend this DVD to all wrestling fans (Amber lovers and ACW Fanarchists especially should give it a look). But you don’t have to take our word for it. Beyond has provided tons of media from this event to preview. Below is a playlist of clips from several of the matches. Enjoy!


DDS was provided with a review copy of this release. It is available for purchase at LookMaNoFans.com for $12.

  1. Priapism is a potentially harmful and painful medical condition in which the erect penis or clitoris does not return to its flaccid state, despite the absence of both physical and psychological stimulation.
  2. Of course The Submission Squad and Mat Fitchett are based in St. Louis and RD Evans has moved to the East Coast, but Anarchy defies geography.

Beyond Wrestling: Back In Flesh Live Report

This past weekend, I traveled to Lakewood to participate in Beyond Wrestling’s Back In Flesh. I wasn’t sure what to expect, never having been to an independent show before, but I will tell you: I saw some of the best wrestling matches I have ever seen in my entire life.

The venue was in the gymnasium of the Puritas Lutheran Church. I’m terrible at guessing numbers, but I could comfortably put less than a hundred people in attendance. The small crowd gave the event a really intimate and friendly atmosphere. Also in the crowd were various other Beyond wrestlers, adding their own particular brand of participation and insanity. There was a grand total of 11 matches and the show ran for about three hours.

1. Six Man Melee: #KOA (Sugar Dunkerton, Pinkie Sanchez and Aaron Epic)defeated The Submission Squad (Gary Jay, Pierre Abernathy and Evan Gelistico.)

This was a really nice opener. The Submission Squad, known bad guys, went all out in getting the crowd riled up and involved in the show. There was a lot of solid back and forth between varying members of both sides, including a series of very hard chops, which pretty much hurt even me.

Sugar Dunkerton had an amazing moment when out of nowhere “I Believe I Can Fly” by R. Kelly started to play and everyone in the ring went into slow-motion, giving him a chance to use his basketball in a bid to gain the upper hand over the Submission Squad.

The match came to a satisfying end when Aaron made the pin for the win, but the moment was short lived as afterwards Submission Squad cohorts Davey Vega and Mat Fitchett ran in and cleared the ring, bringing us to…

2. Aeroform (Flip Kendrick and Louis Lyndon) defeated The Sex Bob-ombs (Davey Vega and Mat Fitchett)

This match, in my opinion, was one of the best of the night. While the opener focused a lot on brute force and heavy physicality, this one was all finesse, and submissions, and high-flying, and acrobatics, which I utterly loved watching. Flip Kendrick and Louis Lyndon were an absolute privilege to watch. Both teams worked together beautifully, and traded a series of truly awesome holds.

Flip Kendrick took home the win for Aeroform with a gorgeous spinning rope jump, leaving Davey and Fitchett limping backstage.

The crowd was totally on board the entire time, with more than a few “This is awesome!” and “Holy shit!” chants.

3. Dave Cole defeated Jack Verville

The pace for this one was a little slower and the crowd wasn’t quite as into it, but it was still very good. No acrobatics, just a solid physical matchup.

Dave Cole won via submission.

Match Four, Winner Takes All Four-Way Tag: Team TREMENDOUS (Dan Barry and Ken Scampi) defeated Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous (Darius Carter and TJ Marconi), The Jollyville Fuck-Its (Russ Meyers and T-Money), and WWA4 All Stars (Stitch SyphEr and Uhaa Nation)

This was another phenomenal match. Everyone was leaping over the top rope and pulling suicide dives onto the floor which, by the way, was not in any way padded. Tons of huge aerial moves that put the crowd ridiculously over. It was the kind of match where you were half-afraid someone was going to land wrong and break something, which was terrifying but also get-on-your-feet exciting. Like the series of four suicide dives in a row done by four different guys, or Russ Myers doing a cannonball onto Uhaa Nation from the top rope.

Team Tremendous took home the win and Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous had some dissent after losing. A very strong performance from all teams involved.

5. Round Robin Tournament Match 1: Jonny Mangue defeated Johnny Gargano

I was very excited to see Johnny Gargano wrestle, since I’ve always heard the best things about him but had yet to see his skills in person. He was superb and I am hugely impressed. His control and presence in the ring is absolutely sublime. Complete precision.

Gargano got a huge ovation when he came out and held near complete control over Mangue for most of the match, until Mangue got in a headshot and took over for a while. Johnny responded with a huge powerbomb for a pin, but it was to no avail.

Due to some ringside interference from Pitboss, which involved him getting forcibly ejected from the venue, Mangue got Gargano for the win.

There was a quick intermission to allow everyone to catch their collective breath, and then right on to…

6. Four-Way Elimination Match: Jarek 1:20 defeated Chase Burnett, Mazarati Rick and KJ Crush

Jarek started out by hypnotizing everyone in the ring, including the ref (with the exception of KJ), which was quite hilarious. After that, it was a good match with a lot of really excellent physicality. KJ and Jarek stood out the most, KJ being clearly a jerk and Jarek the crowd favorite.

KJ owned the ring with a lot of Kevin Steen-esque moves. Lots of really huge body slams and powerbombs and things of that nature. He even looks a little like Steen.

The first elimination was Chase Burnett, taken out by KJ after a giant slam. Second out was Rick Mazerati by Jarek, leaving Jarek and KJ to beat the heck out of each other for a while before Jarek was able to pick up the win after a top-rope throw.

Jarek then took the mic for a moment to say he would be moving to California in January to further pursue his wrestling career, but he would always go with Beyond when they were around, as Beyond is and always would be his home. It was a sweet little moment.

7. Round Robin Tournament Match 2: Davey Richards defeated Johnny Gargano via submission

I do not even have the words. I really wish I could paint everyone a picture of how fantastic, how mind-blowingly, jaw-droppingly spectacular this match was, but I can’t. Johnny and Davey both put it on the line, so much that Davey was bleeding by the end of it. They were two fantastically matched competitors, with Davey’s intensity and Johnny’s precision bringing everybody to their feet and to ringside if there was enough space.

It was just absolute glorious perfection. Buy the DVD when it comes out. Do it for this match alone and you will not be disappointed. I promise.

Davey ended up winning the match via submission.

The crowd was so emotionally into this match that everyone was drained and fairly silent for the next two matchups.

8. Tony Kozina defeated Nick Talent via Submission

This was probably the weakest match of the night, not to say it was bad, because it wasn’t. There were just a few missed opportunities the crowd was still trying to get over Davey and Johnny from a few moments before. Both guys did definitely give it their all, and I’m sure any match taking place immediately after Davey and Johnny would have had trouble winning us over.

9. Mark Angel defeated Kyle O’Reilly

This match brought the crowd back from our Davey/Johnny induced awe. It had a strong start and kept a fast pace throughout, and the rest of the matchup was solid enough to keep the crowd interested and involved. Mark Angel pulled out the win, to the delight of most of the crowd.

10. No Disqualification: RD Evans defeated AR Fox.

One of the best matches of the night. I wasn’t sure what it was going to be like, considering that Evans came out to Journey music in bright pink and white gear, and seemed almost afraid of Fox.

Fox flew right out of the box, in his Beyond debut, with flying moves that defy description. He was off the top ropes, running up the ringpost, flying leaps, backflips… he completely owned the crowd.

However, Evans slammed him to the floor, which you will recall was not padded, and then gave him two chairshots to the back. RD received some negative chants afterwards, including a very rousing rendition of “You’re an asshole!”

Evans took out a huge table to tease us with for a while when Davey Vega took it on himself to interfere and put Fox through the table.
RD Evans pulled off the win, but the clear crowd favorite was AR Fox. Keep an eye on this guy, he was utterly phenomenal, even when he was getting the absolute crap beat out of him.

11. Round Robin Tournament Match 3: Davey Richards defeated Jonny Mangue

Again, I do not have the words. Davey Richards in any match basically defies description. The only words are words like “intense” and “raw.” While Davey and Gargano’s match was all about precision, Davey and Mangue was all about raw brute force. There were tons of jaw-dropping moments (I think I spent the majority of the match with my mouth agape, when I wasn’t screaming at the top of my lungs, that is)  including some amazing suicide dives from Davey. Mangue and Davey were excellently matched and both of them really went  all out. Though Mangue put up a really good fight, Davey came out with the win.

I honestly feel so honored and so blessed just to have been in the same room as Davey Richards, much less been able to watch him wrestle two separate and amazing matches.

That being said, I am beyond impressed with the Beyond roster (pun not really intended, I promise.) These guys really lay it all out there in the ring, and I admire that so much. I also really loved how the roster just hung out at ringside. They interacted with the fans, with the guys wrestling in the ring, shouting encouragement and the like.

It was altogether a great experience. Get the DVD when it comes out. Let me know if you see a girl in a red shirt and a cool hat, because I totally name-dropped this website on camera. And if they come to your area, for the love of everything… just go. There is no better way to spend $15. Support your local wrestling promotions.

Learn more about Beyond Wrestling by following them on Twitter (@BeyondWrestling) and checking out their website http://www.lookmanofans.com.

ACW: Evolution of the Revolution V

On perhaps my 3rd or 4th visit to Austin for an Anarchy Championship Wrestling show, I randomly ran into Paul Ben-Victor, an actor best known for his work as Spiros “Vondas” Vondopoulus on HBO’s acclaimed crime drama, The Wire. The Wire is one of the most beloved series in recent memory due to its living, breathing presentation of the city of Baltimore, the show’s highly complex and well-developed characters, and its labyrinthine mix of intersecting plots. Its portrayal Baltimore felt so believable that the real life analogues of The Wire’s political figures had to answer criticism based on the show. More importantly every character on The Wire, from politicians to drug kingpins to journalists to hustlers to detectives to foster children, found themselves connected in some way.

In ACW we have Matthew Palmer feuding with MASADA, which leads to Palmer feuding with Scot Summers, who is feuding with Awesome Andy, who’s taking on MASADA. Or there’s Rachel Summerlyn who’s always at odds with Athena who is challenging Lady Poison for the American Joshi title which Poison won from Portia Perez, whom Rachel Summerlyn is also always at odds with. This multi-dimensional web of friendships and feuds make Emmy winning cable dramas so addictive, and you can find the same qualities in ACW plus some of the best athletic competition on the planet.

I was lucky enough to see the latest chapter in the Epic of Anarchy this past weekend live at The Mohawk. At least most of it as, due to travel issues, I missed the first few matches. Thankfully TexasAnarchy.com got some great photos and many of the matches will be available on the Anarchy Televised Youtube Channel.

Anarchy Championship Wrestling – Evolution of the Revolution V

The Mohawk – Austin, Texas
Sunday, September 18, 2011


A. Matthew Palmer defeated Payday

B. Scot Summers defeated Draven (w/ Miss Maulie & Jaykus Plisken) and “Big Rig” Seth Copeland (w/ “Playboy” Johnny Axxle)

C. Angel Blue (w/ Darin Childs) defeated Jessica James (w/ Rachel Summerlyn)

Main Show

1. Pierre Abernathy “defeated” Gary Jay

2. Gary Jay and Pierre Abernathy defeated Ricky Romida and Bolt Brady – I was informed after the fact that the Gary Jay vs Pierre Abernathy match was a less than serious affair, with these two members of the Submission Squad trying to go home early without giving the fans a legitimate contest. However, Bolt and RR had a problem with this and challenged them to an impromptu tag match. Bolt’s magnificent pants and Gary’s Member’s Only Jacket were apparently also at stake in this contest.

3. The Lost Boys (Jason Silver & Sky de Lacrimosa) defeated Cali Krush (Dax Daring & Jordan Jensen), The Hired Guns (Aiden Colt & Omega), and Legion of Shroom (JC Bravo & Chingo Del Santo) – The Lost Boys took out the LOS who took out the Cali guys who took out the Wild Guns. Barry Breeze, still bitter at his former friends, ran in and cost the Legion of Shroom the match Upon victory the Lost Boys spoke up, demanding a shot right then and there at the ACW Tag Champs Rachel Summerlyn and Jessica James. They’ve claimed for months that they had more than earned a title opportunity, but were left unsatisfied.

4. “The Business” (Berry Breeze, Killah Kash) and “Team S.E.X.” (High Roller Hayze, Amanda Fox, “Playboy” Johnny Axxle) defeated Jeff Gant, Payday, “Too Much Metal” Gregory James & “Just Sexy” (Just Willie and Slim Sexy) – Having found direction under the guidance of hipster-smashing culture-clashing improv-mashing Chris Trew, Breeze and Kash, along with the now complete Team S.E.X. scored a very impressive win over the mish-mash I Just Pay For Metal Sexy Lovin’ team. In particular, Amanda Fox seemed to enjoy showing young Jeff the ropes, though he held his own, and Kash’s new new attitude seems to have made him into the monster he always wanted to be.

As the competitors dispersed the biggest monster in all of pro wrestling, Portia Perez, came from out of nowhere and brutally attacked Amanda Fox, planting her head first on a chair with a DDT. Portia took to the mic claiming, once again, that she was the best wrestler in the world and she was tired of other women who aren’t on her level stepping to her. She promised to end Lillie Mae’s career in the next match.

5. Bunkhouse Brawl – Portia Perez defeated Lillie Mae via referee stoppage after the Ninja Choke – The last time these two met, Lillie Mae did something few people today can manage: she beat Portia Perez. She did something even fewer have ever done, and that’s embarrass Portia Perez (via slop bucket). Portia started this feud by taking a wrench to the already broken nose of Lillie Mae at this past June’s Queen of Queens tournament, robbing Lillie of her chance at competing. However, Lillie had managed to turn the tables in recent months at it was Portia that was out for revenge and blood, and she got both.

As advertised, these skilled wrestlers spent most of their time just trying to maul each other, inside the ring and out. Lillie brought a branding iron which she put to use, unheated, on Portia. She also took her belt off and just whipped her. Portia turned the entire venue into weapon, slinging Lillie into, onto, or off of anything she could find. Classy as always, Portia also found time to spit in Lillie’s face and assault a bystander who got in her way. Eventually, Portia’s frienemy Darin Childs came in and returned Portia’s beloved wrench to her (which he had stolen/borrowed at an earlier show). With that she busted Lillie in the grill again, drawing blood and leading her to another brutal choke out victory.

Portia refused to let go of the hold initially and Rachel Summerlyn, whose beef with the Ninja will likely never end, came out to help Lillie as the ref brought her to the back for medical attention. That bled into…

6. Angel Blue (w/ Darin Childs) defeated Rachel Summerlyn – It was the 2011 MVP of Anarchy against perhaps the Best Comeback/Most Improved wrestler on the roster.  Early on there were shades of Nakajima as Rachel added some roundhouse middle-kicks to her arsenal. She slapped Angel so hard that she began asking existential questions like, “Why does everybody keep slapping me?” The answer she seemed to come internally was, “Because they have arms,” so, she tried to remove Rachel’s with various holds.

A massive dead-lift wheelbarrow suplex and Rachel was back in control. As fans chanted “MAKE! HER! TAP!” Rachel began to apply the Texas Cloverleaf, securing the victory. That is until Angel’s Children of Pain compatriots, the Lost Boys, came out. Darin, leader of the COP, had somewhat controversially accompanied Blue to the ring and showed his full support for her throughout the contest. However he commanded his minions to not interfere in this match, but Silver and De Lacrimosa refused to listen so driven for their quest for a tag title shot. They put Rachel out cold with some huge throws and allowed Angel to take the win. Darin showed some concern for Rachel, which angered Blue. This seeming Dissension amongst the COP came at an inconvenient time, as those vamps are going to need backup from Darin, Blue, and Wolfe in order to not get dusted by Rachel.

7. Anarchy Televised Title Match – “Mr. Showtime” Scot Summers (c) defeated Darin Corbin to retain title – Darin Corbin faced MASADA wearing a dress. Darin Corbin faced Scot Summers wearing polka dots and rainbow fringe. Darin Corbin is the toughest man in professional wrestling.

Scot Summers was returning from his tour for FREEDOMS in Japan, and he felt like elbowing people in the face. You couldn’t ask for a better face to elbow than Corbin’s, but he gave as good as he got. The match was really good and much closer than fans seemed to expect. The underestimated Corbin proved again that he can go just as hard as any of the regular Anarchists. Unfortunately for Corbin, he allowed himself to get distracted by Scot’s ‘half’ brother, Stan. This led to a “Say ‘Hi’ to Jun Kasai” Sheerdrop Brainbuster that gave Scot the win.

8. American Joshi Title Match: Athena defeated Lady Poison (c) with The “O” Face to win title – The live action horror film known as Lady Poison has dominated ACW since January, after she defeated Portia Perez for the American Joshi Championship at Guilt By Association V. The highly skilled, highly athletic, highly devious Athena also made a name for herself on that show by defeating Rachel Summerlyn in a savage 10,000 thumbtacks match. With Lady Poison proving to be one of the most unstoppable champions in all of wrestling people had begun to wonder if anyone was ever going to take the title from her. Athena, on the other hand, had no doubts that it was once again her time to reign over Anarchy.

Athena started the match using  the submission moves she’s added to her arsenal recently. A great strategy, if you’re facing a wrestler and not a Lovecraftian monstrosity that’s merely taken the form of a wrestler. Athena completely dislocated Poison’s shoulder and Poison casually used the ropes to reattach her arm to the rest of her body. Things only got sicker from there. Gary Jay and Pierre tried, but were sent to the back after LP dived on them, from the top rope to the outside, and filled their mouths with her venom.

The Wrestling Goddess took advantage of the distraction, and smashed Poison with the American Joshi title for the win. Wait, no she didn’t because you can’t kill what’s already dead. Lady Poison rose up a split second before the three count and dragged Athena out of the ring.  They brawled on the stage outside of the ring and Athena powerbombed Poison into a wall! She brought LP into the ring and hit her amazing diving top rope stunner, the “O” Face, but that still wasn’t enough! Lady Poison was back in control however, having spent all her black death on the Submission Squad earlier, Poison was not able to put a poison kiss on Athena.

Finally, it took a massive inverted-powerbomb and another “O”-face to stun the zombie queen long enough to score a pinfall. As Athena began to celebrate with her hard-won belt, Poison clawed at her feet, gnarling and gnashing with her blackened teeth. The SS came from the back and all three ganged up on Poison, beating beat her unconscious. That brought out Poison’s…friend, Matthew Palmer. While he was scheduled to be in the next match, taking on his person “big bad” MASADA, Poison was in bad shape and rumors floated that he left the building to get her some medical attention. Either way, he did not answer the call for the next match, but two other men stepped up to challenge the Hardcore Beast.

9. Hardcore Title Match MASADA (c) defeated Mat Fitchett and Awesome Andy to retain title – Anarchy’s Young Lion, Mat Fitchett, may have picked the wrong match on the wrong day to try and get a piece of Anarchy gold. While he wowed the crowd as usual with his aerial ability, including a stunning Shooting Star Press off one opponent onto another, and resilience, Fitchett spent quite some time on the outside looking in on someone else’s war. You see, Awesome Andy has a problem with Scot Summers, his former mentor whom he betrayed, which also means he has a problem with MASADA, and Andy is arrogant/insane enough to like it that way.

And, actually, Andy more than held his own against the Beast, and survived the requisite Hardcore title defense chair party as well as some of MASADA’s most devastating moves. It even took a bit of help from Scot Summers and, of all things, a school boy by MASADA to end the match. The war didn’t end as while Summers went after Andy, Matthew Palmer came out of nowhere and wrecked the already weakened MASADA! It picked up the Hardcore title, which he passed up an opportunity for tonight, and tossed it back at MASADA, declaring he’d take it on another day.

Seeing the carnage, Summers chased Palmer out of the ring. He checked on MASADA looked at Palmer, who was crouching on the balcony of the Mohawk, and screamed, “You’re not crazy motherfucker, I am.” Summers is wrong. Palmer has gone from being a shallow lackey, to the home-grown World Champion “Son of Anarchy,” to dedicating his entire existence to the destruction of MASADA, all in just a year. There is an idea of a Matthew Palmer, some kind of abstraction, but there is no real Matthew Palmer, only an entity, something illusory, and though Scot Summers can look into his cold gaze and MASADA can drive a spike into his foreheard and feel flesh tearing and maybe they can even sense their passion for wrestling and violence is probably comparable: Matthew Palmer is simply not there 1.

10. ACH defeated Mia Yim – ACH is one of the hottest prospects in wrestling. With his unmatched athleticism and superstar charisma, it’s only a matter of time before he is absolutely everywhere. In fact, he was just coming off of his debut for Dragon Gate USA. Mia Yim is another young, charismatic, athletic wrestler who’s generating more and more buzz. She had just appeared for ROH the previous day and was getting ready to make her third tour of Japan in the week following the show. Add in their jabs at one another over the internet, and the match that makes itself. Yes, one happens to be male and one happens to be female, but this is Anarchy and trivial things like that, thankfully, don’t matter.

Someone should have given that memo to ACH. He began the match by saying that while he, of course, respects Mia as a competitor, he’d feel really bad if he hit her. So, Mia slapped the shit out of him. He tried to explain again, with the same result. On the third go, he ducked the strike and the match started proper. Still, ACH avoided using his martial arts ability, instead focusing on his equally good technical wrestling and high flying ability. Mia focused on technically kicking the black off of him. Leg kicks, head kicks, Penalty Kicks, Apron Kicks, running knee kicks to the corner, everything in the expansive arsenal of Mia left it’s mark on ACH.

Drawing inspiration from a current world tag team champion in the audience, ACH tried to slow Mia with a T-Bone suplex as well as the Haas of Pain submission. Mia then went for the kill herself, slapping on the K.I.D. guillotine choke multiple times, almost putting ACH out. ACH called for the World’s Greatest 450 splash, and while he was unable to hit it, he still scored the pinfall. This was for the best, as post-match Mia was still fresh enough to listen to ACH’s heartfelt poem. I do wonder why ACH never wrote anything for Jessica James.

This was a really great match, perhaps the best of the night. The crowd was very into it and Mia’s thunderous kicks. This is a match that wouldn’t happen anywhere else, and highlights what makes ACW one of the best wrestling companies in the world.

11. Double Jeopardy Match for ACW Heavyweight Title: Stage 1 – Jaykus Plisken (win & advance to stage 2) defeated Davey Vega (c) | Stage 1 – Darin Childs defeated Shawn Vexx | Stage 2 – Darin Childs defeated Jaykus Plisken to win title – Before the match Portia Perez attacked again! This time she took out Angel Blue leaving Darin, whose vampires were moody, with none of his COP backup. Darin looked almost puzzled by Portia’s actions, after all he had given her the wrench back. I’m not sure what relationship he had with P2, but he should know by now: Portia is a dick.

Pre-Match ACW ring announcer Barry kindly explained that this Double Jeopardy match would start with two separate singles matches going on simultaneously and the winders of those two matches would face each other in a final match to determine the ACW Champion. The competitors, kindly, ignored this rule and began throwing an “Everybody hates Jaykus,” party. Eventually the wrestlers did pair off with their assigned opponents, but  Only with the help of Draven and Maulie was Jaykus able to recover from his early beating. He shocked everyone by somehow putting the defending Vega out with the first pinfall, guaranteeing a new ACW Heavyweight champion before the end of the night.

Vexx and Darin have a storied history so their half of the match had devolved into a bloody brawl. However Jaykus declared he wanted Darin in the finals and, against the advice of his crew, decided not to rest up and helped Darin defeat Vexx. While neither man was 100%, Darin was bleeding heavily and Jaykus had Takeover backup in his corner. However, miscommunication with Draven and a driver through a bed of chairs later, and Darin Childs was the new ACW Heavyweight Champion. He looked more shocked than anyone at the result. Longtime ACW fans may recall that last time he won it, he only “held” the title for a few minutes (before Scot Summers made and won a challenge for the belt).

And that was the show! Be sure to check out this great compilation live reactions, from fans and wrestlers, on Storify. And be sure to tune in next month to see if the Children of Pain rally around their leader, or continue their dissension. Has Palmer taken on too big a task in angering both MASADA and Summers? With the zombie defeated will the vampires rise, or will The Slayer add another notch to her stake?  Are Mia and ACH meant to be?  Will there be any Joshi left to stop Portia’s terrifying reign of ninja terror? All this and more, next time on Anarchy.

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  1. I wish I had time to explain this reference, but I have to return some video tapes.

ACW: A Psychotic Break Gallery

With excitement building towards this Sunday’s Prom Themed ACW show let’s take a look at some never before seen pictures from ACW’s February production, A Psychotic Break (DVD available here).

ACW  February 20, 2011 “A Psychotic Break” – Austin, TX
1. Just Willie vs, Berry Breeze vs. Big Ricky vs. Khris Wolfe
2. Athena vs. Jen Alise
3. The Takeover vs. Bolt Brady & Cali Crush
4. ACW Tag Team Championship: Rajett vs. The Lost Boys vs. Flippy Shit vs. The Smurf Nation (c)
5. Skylar Skelly vs. JT Lamotta
6. German Blood Match: Highroller Hayze vs. Slim Sexy
7. ACW World Championship: Darin Childs vs. Shawn Vexx vs. Matthew Palmer (c)
8. ACH & Akira Tozawa vs. Gary Jay & Davey Vega
9. ACW American Joshi Championship: Amanda Fox vs. Lady Poison (c)
10. The Submission Squad vs. Scot Summers & Masada

The show was also notable for being one of the first ACW shows in a while with neither Robert Evans nor Portia Perez, two previously dominant champions and top stars. Like any other great wrestling company, ACW took this challenge head on and the results were fantastic.  ACW Champion Matthew Palmer had the greatest, most shocking entrance to a wrestling match we’d ever seen. Also, our faves Rachel and Jessica’s Excellent Tag Team made history by taking the Tag Team Titles. The Submission Squad put on two incredible tag matches against ACH & Tozawa and Childs and Masada. We’ve raved about ACH and Tozawa plenty, but Davey Vega and Gary Jay more than held their own against two of the top rising stars in all of wrestling.

Lady Poison continued her reign of zombie madness against a very game “Five Star” Amanda Fox while Athena took down a great looking Jen Alise. JT Lamotta began his Epic War on the Joshi division. Slim Sexy bled big time (to the delight of the vampiric Lost Boys), and a whole bunch of other cool stuff happened.

Enjoy the pictures of the historic night and see you Sunday. Dress your flyest!

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