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VWAA and Wrestling Is Heart: May Double Shot


Alex Castle is organizing his DVDs. He said, “What comes next after CHIKARA?” To which I responded, “Wrestling Is.” He was not amused.

– Angelous Layne

Vanguard Wrestling All-Star Alliance: Num3ers Game | DVD MP4
Wrestling Is Heart Circulate | MP4 

Photos by Gregory Davis

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Beyond Wrestling and St. Louis Anarchy: Double Trouble Review

Featuring: ACH, Johnny Gargano, Eric Corvis, Jonny Mangue, Chase Brunett, Zane Silver, Matthew Justice, The Pitboss, The Hate Junkies, dany only, Strknyn, Arik Canon, Darin Corbin, Christian Rose, The Submission Squad, Evan Gelistico, Gary Jay, Pierre Abernathy, Dale Patricks, Remi Wilkins, Heidi Lovelace, Nate Stone, Reed Bentley, Tripp Cassidy, Davey Vega, Eric Ryan, The Kentucky Buffet, Alex Castle, Matt Cage, The Hooligans, Devin Cutter, Mason Cutter, Mark Angel, Drew Gulak, Aaron Epic, Pinkie Sanchez, Sugar Dunkerton, The Slaughterhouse, KJ Crush, Maserati Rick, Tony Banks, Rickey Shane Page, Dan Walsh, Johnny Cockstrong, RD Evans

Available on DVD for $12 hereMP4 for $12 here, VOD for $10 here.

Photos Courtesy Wayne Palmer 

On the day that their purchase of Women Superstars Uncensored was confirmed, Beyond Wrestling ventured to Absolute Intense Wrestling’s stomping ground, Turners Hall in Cleveland, in Ohio. But instead of AIW, they had a different dancing partner, in the form of St. Louis Anarchy. The mid-west cousins of Austin’s ACW had perhaps their biggest platform yet for this show. Did Beyond and SLA dare to try and one up AIW on their home turf? Indeed, they dared.

1. Eric Corvis [+11], Jonny Mangue [+2] & Team Beyond (Chase Burnett [-7] & Zane Silver [-3]) vs. Matthew Justice [-1], The Pitboss [+7] & The Hate Junkies (dany only [+4] & Stryknyn [+2]) – Team Beyond versus Team Kill Everyone In Beyond, essentially. Pitboss is facing his former Doom Patrol stablemate, Jonny Mangue, with some new, more like-minded partners in Justice and The Hate Junkies. Prior to this Mangue had helped Pitboss and Chris Dickinson make life hell for Corvis, Brunett, and Silver, but the “Smooth Savage” changed his ways this year and worked with his former rivals.

The match started with a big brawl that spilled to the outside very quick. Team Beyond got the early advantage, but the storm was weathered, and dany only puts his team in control. The “Shitboss”… sorry, Pitboss (only reporting what was chanted) continued to work over Zane Silver, but after a few minutes, Silver made the tag to Eric Corvis. After losing the advantage, the wrestlers at ringside got Corvis back in it by singing the Rocky theme.

Later on Mathew Justice, Pitboss and the Hate Junkies found themselves stacked up together, when Zane Silver dropkicked off the top rope onto all of them in a unique moment. dany only then created another one by suplexing Burnett into a DDT on his own partner Silver. After another melee, Justice caught Corvis with a low blow, and hit two DVDs into the corner on him for the win. A good opening contest, a bit crazy in places, but it had a nice flow. Johnny Cockstrong noted on commentary that The Beasts had a 200lb combined advantage on their opponents, and it ultimately told.

2. Arik Cannon [0], Darin Corbin [0] & Christian Rose [0] vs. The Submission Squad (Evan Gelistico [0], Gary Jay [-2] & Pierre Abernathy [-1]) – Cannon’s team came out to B.o.B, which Rose noted was not the song they originally intended to come out to. The Submission Squad were looking for a great performance here, with two of the members on losing records going in.

Things were off to a rough start for the Squad when even the referee found himself bodyslamming Gary Jay. As this is a St. Louis Anarchy match, and therefore competed under Anarchy Rules, the match continued. Then there was gigantic showdown between “Big Daddy” Pierre Abernathy and “Ginger Madness” Darin Corbin, and then there was the the usual slo-mo sequence (which Robert Evans, on commentary, followed suit in slo-mo calling). The Squad then took control and Evan “Kick the World” Gelistico pretty much took Christian “Born to Hurt” Rose’s face off. Appropriate. Arik Cannon (the Dastardly Urban Fiend as Evans put it) put down his PBR long enough to come in and run riot all over the Submission Squad. Things then went bonzo gonzo, and Jay used a break in the confusion to pull Cannon’s tights for the pin, and earning a huge win for the Submission Squad.

3. School Of Roc Tag Team Sole Survivor Elimination Match: Dale Patricks [0], Remi Wilkins [0] & Heidi Lovelace [0] vs. Nate Stone [0], Reed Bentley [0] & Tripp Cassidy [0] – Availible in its entirety above, this was a sole survivor elimination match: once a team is completely eliminated, the remaining members of the other team must wrestle each other until there is one winner. A sort of mini Cibernetico. Continue reading

AAW: War is Coming Gallery

Greg and Chris were live at AAW’s most recent iPPV, War is Coming. It premiered just last night on Go Fight Live, click here to order. The show featured Jimmy Jacobs and Arik Cannon in a bloody dog collar match, MsChif finally facing Mena Libra one on one, the scary young and very good Michael Elgin in one of his biggest matches to date, Rhino taking on the always crafty Silas Young for the AAW title, and Joey Eastman in a Chicago Street Fight. Oh, and Scott Steiner suplexing people!

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AAW: War is Coming

  1. Dan Lawrence/Samuray Del Sol/Zero Gravity defeated The CLASH
  2. Mena Libra defeated Mschif
  3. Gregory Iron/Christian Faith defeated The Awesome Threesome
  4. AAW Heritage Championship: Michael Elgin defeated Mason Beck (c) to become the new champion
  5. Chicago Street Fight: Keith Walker/Jesse Emerson/N8 Mattson/Truth Martini defeated Marion Fontaine/Darin Corbin/Danny Daniels/Joey Eastman
  6. AAW Tag Team Championship: Irish Airborne (c) defeated Josh Raymond/Christian Able to retain
  7. “M-dogg 20″ Matt Cross defeated Shane Hollister
  8. Dog Collar Match: Jimmy Jacobs defeated Arik Cannon
  9. AAW Heavyweight Championship: Silas Young (c) defeated Rhino to retain


See full gallary of photos from the show here.

AAW: Defining Moment 2011 Photos

Earlier this month Chicago’s AAW put on its Defining Moment event and it proved to be the best AAW show I’ve seen to date. Every match was good and there were numerous memorable moments: Keith Walker redefined “Beast Mode” in a savage performance. Jimmy Jacobs scored the most brutal choke out I’ve seen this side of Portia Perez, bringing back memories of the old, violent Jimmy we knew and feared. Gregory Iron and Michael Elgin continued to take steps to prove they’ve got “next” on the wrestling scene.

The massive pre-SHIMMER six women tag was thoroughly entertaining. and featured then Champion and #1 Ranked Wrestler in the World, Madison Eagles. There was mist and betrayal and a reverse Frankensteiner that wiped the champ out for the last several minutes. SHIMMER faithful suffered more tragedy as The Awesome Threesome lost their titles in an impromptu three-way match. Alex Shelley (CLAP-CLAP-CLAPCLAPCLAP) brought his old school ROH A-Game in a losing effort to Shane Hollister (whom more people should be talking about). The ending screamed for a rematch. “Classic” Colt Cabana put a smile on everyone’s face, but the always dour Silas Young kept the gold.

All in all, really good, fun show. We look forward to where AAW goes next (hopefully it’s more Alex Shelley vs Shane Hollister matches). Enjoy the photos by GregChris, and myself.

AAW: Defining Moment

September 30th, 2011
Berwyn Eagles Club – Berwyn, IL

A. Dan the Man, Benjamin Boone and El Tigre Gordo defeated Lil Waylon, Matt Morris, and Matt Knicks
B. Jun Tago defeated Markus Crane

1. CLASH (Tommy Treznik & Cameron Skyy) and Keith Walker defeated Zero Gravity (Brett Gakiya & CJ Esparza) and Samuray Del Sol when Walker hit a lariat on Del Sol

2. Jimmy Jacobs defeated Jesse Emerson with the “End Time”

3. Four Way: Gregory Iron defeated Ashley Sixx, Bobby Beverly, and Eric Ryan with a roll up on Ryan

4. Michael Elgin defeated Arik Cannon with a Spiral Powerbomb after Jimmy Jacobs got involved

5. Six Woman Tag: Madison Eagles, Sassy Stephanie,  and Mena Libra defeated MsChif, Jessie McKay, Nevaeh when Mena pinned MsChif after Nevaeh turned on her team

6. AAW Heritage Title Match: Mason Beck (c) defeated Louis Lyndon with the Beck Mountain Bomb

Triple Threat AAW Tag Team Title Match: The Irish Airborne (Jake Crist & Dave Crist) d. The NorthStache Express (Darin Corbin & Marion Fontaine) and Awesome Threesome (Knight Wagner & Jordan McIntyre)  to become the new champions

7. Shane Hollister defeated Alex Shelley with an illegal roll up

8. AAW Heavyweight Title: Silas Young (c) defeated Colt Cabana

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ACW: Nothing is as Real as a Dream “Wrestling Prom” Results and Gallery

Last night, Austin’s Anarchy Championship Wrestling put on a show that only it could: a prom themed wrestling event. Fans and wrestlers were encouraged to dress their bes, Prom King and Queen were voted on (with controversial results), there was spiked red punch and embroidered cake (that ended up all over the ring).  It was an unforgettable night, one that showed why ACW is such a special place for professional wrestling.


Anarchy Televised Pre Show Matches:

ACW Tag Team Championship – Rachel and Jessica’s Excellent Tag Team (c) defeated Portia & Electro, Halloween Crew, and Cali Crush

Flippy Shit & Shawn Vexx defeated The Lost Boys & Khris Wolfe

Main Show:

The Legion of Shroom & Just Sexy defeated KASH, Breeze & Team S.E.X.

JT Lamotta (Jerk) defeated Lillie Mae

SLA Heavyweight Championship – Evan Gelistico (c) defeated Pierre Abernathy to retain

The Takeover defeated Bolt Brady, Cali Crush & Big Ricky

World Hardcore Championship – MASADA (c) defeated Darin Corbin (In a Dress)

Grudge Match – Darin Childs defeated Jeff Gant

U-30 Championship – Akira Tozawa defeated ACH (c), Arik Cannon, and Gary Jay to become new Champion

1st Ever Anarchist Evening Gown Match – Rachel Summerlyn defeated Portia Perez, Jessica James, Sara Del Rey, Athena, and ‘5 Star’ Amanda Fox

Anarchy Televised Championship – Scot Summers (c) defeated Shawn Vexx to retain

ACW Heavyweight Championship – Davey Vega defeated Matthew Palmer (c) to become new Champion

Some of our favorite moments from this great show included:

Rachel and Jessica’s Excellent Tag Team retaining their Tag Team titles in a four-way match for a special pre-show match. It was a fun match where Jessica tried, and failed, to wrestle in her terrifically sparkly high heels, before going Kana style (barefoot) and taking on the robots and surfers and costume freaks single-handedly for a bit. Jessica, like many ACW wrestlers, has grown an incredible amount since we started following the company. She’s a very special talent who has proven multiple times she can match up with the best in the world…like Portia Perez who, in her deEvolution persona, has somehow become even more of a vicious jerk. We didn’t think that was possible. Post match Portia and Rachel tried to kill each other, again, which hinted towards how intense the much-talked about Evening Gown match would be.

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AAW: EPIC Gallery

We’ve got a Prom to get ready for, so the pictures will do the talking for us on this one (for now). Here’s AAW’s show EPIC from this past Friday by Greg (@BigZ38). It featured Alex Shelley and Billy Corgan and Dave Prazak and Big Stevie Cool and will be on iPPV. EPIC. Full results here.

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