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SHIMMER: Volume 61 Gallery


SHIMMER Volume 61: In which Hiroyo demanded her honor (and Godzilla mask) back, Leva Bates shot first, MsChif obliterated Miss Natural, Portia Perez learned that crime doesn’t pay, the Global Green Gangsta defused KimberBomb, Christina Von Eerie received a $20 tip, Kana brought a spoon to a fork fight, Madison Eagles brought a fork to a kendo stick fight, and Mercedes Martinez and LuFisto just won’t stop trying to destroy each other.

Photos by Gregory Davis (1-84) and Christopher Codina (85-93).

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SHIMMER: Volume 58 Gallery


SHIMMER 58, the one where Portia Perez stole stuff, Nikki Storm spoke in a super awesome accent, Christina Von Eerie and MsChif practiced Black Magic, Cheerleader Melissa got an award and was a total dick about it, Hiroyo Matsumoto wished Saraya Knight a happy birthday, and Madison Eagles and Nicole Matthews tried to fork each other over.

Photos by Gregory Davis (1-136) and Christopher Codina (137-144).

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STARDOM: Golden Age 2013 Gallery

As you can see from the above video, STARDOM’s June 2nd show was the best. Aside from Hailey Hatred dropping disgusting lariats on idols, there were three stellar singles titles match (Natsuki*Taiyo versus Kaori Yoneyama only narrowly better than Yuhi versus Dark Angel), a great performance from super rookie Takumi Iroha against Nanae Takahashi, Su Yung becoming the first person to twerk in Korakuen Hall, and the Kimura Monster Army causing a near riot.

One fan had to be dragged to the back after a shouting match with Kyoko. I couldn’t hear the words exchanged (and they were cut from the TV broadcast), but I’m just going to assume he was mad that she and Christina Von Eerie cut up Rossy Ogawa’s suit. This was STARDOM’s first big show without Yuzupon on the roster, but she still showed up at the end to greet fans and sell off her still massive stack of merch.

Photos below, results here. More STARDOM pics from earlier this year coming soon.

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Music Friday: Agnostic Front – Gotta Go

New York hardcore icons Agnostic Front provide the current entrance theme for Christina Von Eerie, who has shared it with Kyoko Kimura and the Monster Army in STARDOM. The raucous mosh pit at CBGB’s is a fair approximation of the reaction Kimura gets from the STARDOM crowd. Kyoko very nearly caused a riot at the last Korakuen Hall show and one fan had to be dragged out of the seating area. Here’s to insulting fans, cutting off the hair of idols, and forcing Rossy Ogawa to buy new suits. Continue reading

ACW: Queen of Queens 2012 Gallery


In honor of this year’s Anarchy Championship Wrestling Queen of Queens Tournament, which Angel Blue just won in Austin, here are never before seen photos from last year’s tourney. As any fan or wrestler whose attended can tell you, the tournament is one of the most special nights in Pro Wrestling. The first Queen of Queens was actually my first ACW show, and I instantly fell in love with the art of Anarchy.

You can purchase the 2012 show now on Smart Mark (DVD MP4). Like all Queen of Queens shows, it’s highly recommend. The Rachel versus Jazz match was one of my favorites of 2012, and Lady Poison (Zombie Queen) versus Jessicka Havok (Zombie Killer) was wrestling at it’s most surreal, and most intense.

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SHIMMER: Volume 56 Gallery

SHIMMER: Volume 52 Gallery


SHIMMER Galleries: Volume 49, Volume 50, Volume 51

Here’s our final gallery from the most recent SHIMMER tapings. This was the one where Allysin Kay, as she long ago prophesized, got in the ring with The World Famous Kana (although rumor has it she’s still looking forward to a one-on-one confrontation). Also, Athena continued making her case that she is the best by taking on the best in Ayako Hamada. All this, and lots of ninjas. Enjoy!

Photos 1-135 by Gregory Davis and 136-138 by Christopher Codina.

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SHIMMER: Volume 51 Gallery


SHIMMER Galleries: Volume 49Volume 50Volume 52

Melissa. Bates. Athena. Kana. Natural. Rush. Mizunami. Lufisto. Perez. Hamada. Kellie Fucking Skater. Enjoy.

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SHIMMER: Volume 50 Gallery

SHIMMER Galleries: Volume 49Volume 51Volume 52

SHIMMER Volume 50 saw the cross-generational Joshi dream match of Kana versus Ayako Hamada come to American soil, in what is now largely considered, “the best fucking match ever.” There was also the welcome return of SHIMMER original Lexie Fyfe, who looked fantastic in the main event elimination match. Please enjoy our photos, volume 51 and 52 are coming soon!

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