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SHIMMER: Volume 56 Gallery

SHIMMER: Volume 54 Gallery


At SHIMMER last month, we saw Evie and Kimber Lee earn their roster spots and Jessicka Havok take her spot, whether we liked it or not. We saw Serena Deeb and Madison Eagles make their first trip back to Berwyn after long absences due to injury, and they did not miss a beat. We saw Allysin Kay TwitPic mid-match. We saw Mercedes Martinez and Ayako Hamada try their absolute best to destroy each other. We saw one of the most wild, goofy, amazing spectacles of a four-way match that wrestling has seen. We saw Nicole Matthews and Portia Perez cheat and cheat and cheat and cheat and cheat and be dicks. We saw Cheerleader Melissa take a very dark turn as she began her second reign as champion. We saw that the Global Green Gangsters, Kellie Skater and Tomoka Nakagawa, truly “Got this.” We saw the end of an era as Allison Danger, one of the founders of the company and a pioneer in the world of “American joshi” wrestling, compete in the final match of her career.

This is the first of our four part gallery for the SHIMMER weekend, enjoy.

Photos 1-138 by Gregory Davis. Photos 139-150 by Christopher Codina.

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Wrestlecon: SHIMMER and CHIKARA


Lots of stuff happened at Wrestlecon, most of which you can buy on iPPV at WWNLive.com and you can already download the CHIKARA show here at Smartmarkvideo. Greg was on-hand for plenty of it. Here are his pics from SHIMMER and CHIKARA, featuring the returns of Serena Deeb, Madison Eagles, and Amazing Kong, Ayumi Kurihara’s final US match, and Cheerleader Melissa taking back what’s hers. Oh, and a bit of Jyushin “Thunder” Lyger.

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Allison Danger and the Infinitely Sad Tuesday

Tuesday was full of sad. I’m talking Amanda Palmer solo set sad. First came the above video, a tear-jerking clip of Ayumi Kurihara saying goodbye to her SHIMMER fans before flying back to Japan, where she will retire in August.

Lots of Joshi retire, and lots retire young but most everyone seemed to think of Ayumi as a lifer. Her retirement announcement was completely shocking. Ayumi is an amazing wrestler and always a joy to watch. Joshi Pro won’t be the same without her.

Then came news from LuFisto, confirming fears that she was injured during the SHIMMER Volume 53 iPPV this past weekend. You should read her thoughts here on her Facebook page. At least this sad is mitigated by the fact that LuFisto is one of the toughest, strongest, and hardest working people in the world. She’s come back from major injury and medical issues before, each time being in better shape, each time a better wrestler than before. I have no doubt we will be able to say the same after this setback. I believe in LuFisto.

And then came news that Rachel Summerlyn is taking time off due to a lingering neck injury. Rachel is one of my favorite wrestlers and favorite people due to her love, passion, and perpetually positive attitude. I think she’ll be making dudes bleed their own blood before we know it.

In the meantime, she’s enlisted Khris “Texas Rainmaker” Wolfe to kick Gary Jay’s ass in her stead at St. Louis Anarchy’s massive Circus Maximus show (in a 10,000 Thumbtacks match). Anyone in the area should check it out.


And then, in the main event of Final Sad:CLIMAX 2013, SHIMMER announced that Allison Danger would be ending her in-ring career this weekend. The announcement hit me hard. Danger’s career has meant a lot to me and honestly, she’s largely responsible for the existence of DDS.

The first Ring of Honor show I watched was not very good. I had already stopped watching other wrestling entirely, giving ROH a chance was a last ditch effort at seeing whether or not the art was worth following anymore. I wasn’t sold, at all. However, Danger’s performance as Christopher Daniel’s disciple and her religious devotion to his “prophecy” intrigued me. I’d never seen anyone in wrestling quite like her and I wanted to see where things went, so I decided to give ROH, and wrestling in general, another shot.

There were plenty of great things going on in ROH during that time: Danielson, Joe, Punk, Low Ki, Cide, etc., but Danger’s contributions will always hold a special place for me. Sometimes they had an off night (see: my first show), but Danger was always, always on point through the multiple transformations her character underwent.

When Danger transitioned into a more regular in-ring performer for ROH that eventually led me to looking into her work in other places, which led me to her work in Japan which, of course, helped me discover my true wrestling love in Joshi Puroresu which eventually lead to this site.

Danger has meant that much to many people. She laid the groundwork for the late 00’s US women’s wrestling renaissance with those ROH matches, a renaissance which entered its Silver Age when Danger uttered the phrase “American Joshi” on the first SHIMMER tapings. A phrase Danger brought meaning to with her matches against the likes of Del Rey and Martinez and Melissa and Haze and MsChif and Knox and Rogers and Perez.


Danger was stellar outside the ring as well. She was one of the first to take an active role in social media. She blogged about her travels in Japan, engaged fans in weekly SHIMMER chats, and MySpaced when it was still a verb. She even offered epic take downs of the worst elements on wrestling message boards, in between being an outspoken advocate for women in wrestling.

Allison Danger started a charity drive at SHIMMER to help mothers in need provide necessities for their kids. Danger also once promised to fuck a fan’s mom after a show in Montreal. Danger beat Bryce Remsburg in a Lady Gaga dance-off. Danger pissed off an aged woman so badly that the old lady rose from her wheelchair in order to get at her.

Allison Danger has done great things in wrestling, far too many for me to do them justice in a small post like this. I’m saddened that I’ll never get to see another Allison Danger match live, but I feel privileged to have been at so many. I’m sure she’ll still be around wrestling in some form, and hopefully still as a performer, but her absence in the ring will leave a hole that can never be properly filled.

She will be dearly missed.

SHIMMER: Volume 52 Gallery


SHIMMER Galleries: Volume 49, Volume 50, Volume 51

Here’s our final gallery from the most recent SHIMMER tapings. This was the one where Allysin Kay, as she long ago prophesized, got in the ring with The World Famous Kana (although rumor has it she’s still looking forward to a one-on-one confrontation). Also, Athena continued making her case that she is the best by taking on the best in Ayako Hamada. All this, and lots of ninjas. Enjoy!

Photos 1-135 by Gregory Davis and 136-138 by Christopher Codina.

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SHIMMER: Volume 51 Gallery


SHIMMER Galleries: Volume 49Volume 50Volume 52

Melissa. Bates. Athena. Kana. Natural. Rush. Mizunami. Lufisto. Perez. Hamada. Kellie Fucking Skater. Enjoy.

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SHIMMER: Volume 50 Gallery

SHIMMER Galleries: Volume 49Volume 51Volume 52

SHIMMER Volume 50 saw the cross-generational Joshi dream match of Kana versus Ayako Hamada come to American soil, in what is now largely considered, “the best fucking match ever.” There was also the welcome return of SHIMMER original Lexie Fyfe, who looked fantastic in the main event elimination match. Please enjoy our photos, volume 51 and 52 are coming soon!

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SHIMMER: Volume 49 Gallery

SHIMMER Galleries: Volume 50Volume 51Volume 52

Greg, boss that he is, attended yet another three day international wrestling summit with the AAW/SHIMMER Weekend. Here’s his wonderful photos from the first of the four SHIMMER shows. This was the one where Athena found herself in the main event, Courtney Rush lost herself in the past, and, delivering on months of trash talk, Portia Perez actually, finally, for real beat Kana. Enjoy!

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MsChif: The Dirty Dirty Sheets Interview

Wrestler. Champion. Eldritch horror. MsChif has been desecrating rings for a decade now, and she’s only grown more terrifying with time. We conducted the blood-rites necessary to speak with MsChif and got her thoughts on  AAW’s  War is Coming iPPV, which she will be competing on this Friday, as well as SHIMMER, Cenobites, and demonic fashion. Just in time for Halloween! Enjoy.

Photos by Greg.

First things first: You could torment souls anywhere. Why spawn forth from the Inferno and lay waste to professional wrestling?

What better place to be more involved with the fans beyond the fight.

For those of us who haven’t been, tell us a bit about the Inferno.

No. Perhaps I’ll meet you there one day.

You have been known to utilize a poisonous green mist against your opponents. Rumors have it that the Great Muta was born with a special gland that produces it. Where does yours come from?

I had the gland surgically implanted.

Ever since people became aware of your incredible flexibility, there has been debate as to whether or not you have a spine. Care to finally put the issue to rest?

Even a snake has a spine.

You’ve shown off some horrifyingly beautiful wrestling gear recently, featuring themes such as Medusa, Freddy Kreuger, and Cthulhu. Please tell us the significance of each to you.

Don’t forget Cerberus and Alien. I love horror characters. They deserve tribute. It would take too much time to go into detail about each character. There shall be more to come.

You’re known for inventing new ways to inflict pain on people, from the Desecrator to the Obliteration. How do you come up with it? Are you working on anything else?

I always have my mind working through other things. Sometimes gravity defies me. Desecrator was inspired by Tekken Tag, the others just form in my imagination.

At the upcoming AAW iPPV “War is Coming,” the long-awaited singles match between you and Mena Libra will finally happen. What sort of torment do you have planned for Mena?

Come and find out.

At “AAW Proving Ground” last month, you teamed with Nevaeh who turned against you, costing your team the match. Any plans for Neveah?

Maybe something good. Maybe something bad. Who knows?

At the most recent SHIMMER tapings, you allied yourself with Leva Bates and Allison Danger, collectively known as Regeneration X (a mutant and Time Lord, respectively), and known zombie Christina Von Erie. Is this the start of some sort of inhuman super faction?

Regeneration Chif!

You have accomplished much in the world of wrestling. You’ve been to Japan, you’ve held the SHIMMER title, the NWA Women’s title, and the NWA Midwest Women’s title simultaneously, the list can go on. What do you consider your greatest achievement? What future goals do you have?

[My greatest achievement is] creating such a great fan base. Future what? I’ve made everything I’ve dreamed.

Your love for black metal is well known. What other music are you into that, as a demonic entity, would surprise people?

Ask me some other time, that’s privileged information!

From the beginning, your gear has consisted of black, spikes, and chains. What do these represent for you? Has Pinhead ever contacted you about joining his Cenobite stable?

Everything that I am about, my own personal style. Don’t get too personal about Pinhead, Bub. That’s info that stays in the Inferno!

Any final words of warning for your enemies?

I don’t warn, I torment.

Learn more about MsChif on her website MsChif.net and her Facebook. Also, check out the video below as she talks her upcoming grudge match with Mena Libra which will be available on iPPV: