Total Joshi: Episode 4 Recap



In case you missed Sunday night’s episode of Total Joshi or you just want to relive it, we’ve got the best moments from the show in a full recap!

The episode starts off with Mio Shirai and Hiroyo Matsumoto noticing a lingerie shop while out shopping. Mio decides to head inside to get something sexy to wear for her New Japan superstar boyfriend, Hiroshi Tanahashi.

While they’re in there Mio suggests Hiroyo get something for her New Japan superstar fiance, Shinsuke Nakamura. She asks how they’re doing and Hiroyo completely opens up.


Doesn’t seem like things are going too well for the couple. Hiroyo says they’ve been together for over a decade and ever since his serious knee injury there’s been no romance. She comes home and she doesn’t feel like she exists.

Mio says they’re like an old couple and she wants to help spice things up. She makes Hiroyo try on a bunch of sexy lingerie and then calls her a “sex pot”. Look at those…Joshi!


Jump to GAMI in front of the mirror talking about how she wishes she had bigger boobs. Manami Toyota, the other half of The Tokyo Sweethearts, says she thinks her boobs look great and they fit her body.

GAMI’s not having it…


GAMI has decided to visit a plastic surgeon about getting some implants. She realizes the profession she’s in, the more “attractive” she is, the better she will do and the more money she’ll make.

Hiroyo comes home to Shinsuke Nakamura and finds him sitting on the couch, watching a pay-per-view New Japan event. We also meet their cat Ayumi Kurihara!


Hiroyo explains that they’ve known each other since they were ten years old and they’ve been together for a long time.

Shinsuke Nakamura’s knee injury has taken a huge toll on their relationship and she feels like they need to reconnect.

She puts on the sexy lingerie she got with Mio and he completely ignores her…


(Get it together, Shinsuke Nakamura! How could you ignore that?!)

Hiroyo says she’s not feeling pretty or attractive. She doesn’t know what to do…

Mio, Kana and Go Shiozaki are all out to dinner and Mio says she wants dessert. Kana calls her out on always eating dessert and says she’s an unhealthy eater.

This upsets Mio but she agrees she should maybe change her eating habits. Kana convinces her to do a 20 day cleanse that includes only healthy juices and absolutely no alcohol is allowed.

Mio says this is going to be tough but she can do it.


Manami Toyota and her NOAH Superstar fiance KENTA agree to go with GAMI to the appointment with the surgeon.

GAMI’s dog starts to barf in the car and it’s pretty hilarious…

The surgeon’s consultant takes GAMI and Manami Toyota back to the examination room and shows them the different type of implants.

The consultant says she has implants and they look and feel very real. And then… the consultant just whips them out! She just pulls her boobs out of her dress!

GAMI and Manami Toyota both laugh hysterically but Manami Toyota quickly gets back to business…

GAMI wants to get a male’s opinion on them so Manami Toyota goes to get KENTA in the lobby.

The consultant whips them out again and tells Manami Toyota and KENTA to feel them. KENTA says no but Manami Toyota says this is his one pass and to just do it!

KENTA freaks out after touching them and walks out feeling embarrassed.

The doctor finally comes in and suggests GAMI take a pair home and try them out for a week. It will help her make the big decision to see if she really wants them.

She starts dancing and they pop out…


Mio and Kana head to a juice place for their cleanse and get something called a “Go-Green-Go”. They cheers and take their first sip…

Mio hates it.

Manami Toyota and KENTA are relaxing by the pool when GAMI comes prancing in with her silicone implants in under her bathing suit. She asks if they like and Manami Toyota says she looks ridiculous.

GAMI is feeling fierce!

She does a sexy Baywatch run to the pool and jumps in. But the force of the jump makes one of the implants pop right out!


They float!

Mio and Kana are back at Mio’s place and something is weird. Kana says Mio is acting strange and quiet. She checks the trash and finds an empty bottle of wine and a wrapper to a muffin.

Mio cheated on the cleanse! She only lasted a couple of days!

This pisses off Kana and she says, “No wonder why people call you fat on Twitter.” Low blow.

They get into a huge fight and Kana leaves Mio sad and feeling terrible about herself…

The following day, Mio and Kana have a big Puroresu Weekly photoshoot to do and they’re still fighting.


They’re getting ready and Mio walks away and goes back to her trailer on set. Kana follows her in and they start talking about their body image.

Mio says Kana makes her feel insecure and starts to cry. Kana admits it’s probably her own insecurities that she is taking out on her sister and she apologizes.

They hug and make up…

Then BAM!, they start shooting their sexy photoshoot.

What we’d give to be on that beach…


Shinsuke Nakamura says he has a surprise for Hiroyo and says they’re going to go for a ride. Hiroyo tries to guess what it is but doesn’t have a clue.

They pull up to a big government building and Hiroyo realizes that they’re at the local courthouse…

Shinsuke Nakamura says they can go in right now and get married and just get it done and over with. Hiroyo says absolutely not and says she wants to do it with family.

He tries to pull her in but she pulls away and starts yelling at him. She says there’s no romance in their life and she says she’s not getting married to him…


GAMI wants to be fan favorite tonight and gets the implants put into her costume to give her a little extra oompf. But right before the match, one of the fake boobs goes missing and she can’t find it!

She yells at Manami Toyota to “Give me my boobie!” but Manami Toyota says she doesn’t have it.

GAMI says she can’t go out to the match because her boobs look lopsided…


She quickly puts paper towels in her top and heads out to the ring!

Kana and Mio are watching the matches on a monitor backstage when Hiroshi Tanahashi comes in to say hello to his girl.

Mio admits to stealing GAMI’s boob and laughs about it. Hiroshi Tanahashi thinks they’re being mean.


GAMI comes back from her match and Mio tells her she was the one who took her implant. She starts pulling out the paper towel in GAMI’s top…

GAMI is mad and then they all start laughing about it. Mio says sorry and GAMI accepts her apology.

But not without that nice GAMI flair…


Hiroyo comes home after a hard days work at the office (kicking butt in the ring) and comes to find her apartment lit with candles and rose petals everywhere. She’s wondering what’s going on…

Shinsuke Nakamura comes out with some chocolate covered strawberries and Hiroyo is definitely surprised.

He apologizes for the way he was acting and says he wants to have a big wedding with their whole family. Hiroyo is overjoyed and says she can’t wait to marry Shinsuke Nakamura.

Parody, adapted from Jeffrey Wisenbaugh of Eoline.


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